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African masks, sculptures, dolls, etc.

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Please note: Precise identification of many objects of African origin is very difficult on stylistic grounds alone, as objects types and cultural
practices are often shared by neighbouring groups.

Shipping and insurance costs are not included in the published prices.

21. Figure from Angola (Chokwe).
22. Wooden heads from Zimbabwe.
23. Figure from Mali and Ghana (Bambara and Ashanty-Fante).
24. Mask from Sudan (Ngwetu - Humu).
25. Mask from Congo-Zaire (Pende).
26. Mask from Angola (Tolokwe).
27. Walking stick from Congo (Yaka).
28. Mask from Angola (Chokwe).
29. Mask from Angola (Chokwe).
30. Mask from Angola (Luena).
31. Mask from Angola (Chokwe-Mbunda).
32. Walking stick from Angola (Chokwe).
33. Walking stick from Congo-Zaire (Teke).
34. Walking stick from Angola (Mbunda).
35. Musical instrument from Angola (Chokwe).
36. Mask from Angola (Mbundu).
37. Ceremonial axe from Angola (Chokwe).
38. Mask from Angola (Chokwe).
39. Mask from Angola (Chokwe).
40. Wooden pot from Angola (Mbunda).

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