Code of conduct of tour guide


* represent his/her country objectively, honestly and with integrity;
* inform his/her guests factually and in an unbiased manner regarding the country and its people;
* be loyal to the company or organisation he represents - also an overseas partner;
* serve impartially with dedication and enthusiasm;
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* not solicit clients for his/her own gain;
* guide his/her guests in an environmentally and culturally responsible manner;
*carry out the itinerary as instructed unless circumstances prevent this;
* take pride in his/her profession, his/her vehicle and equipment;
* act responsibly and avoiding potentially dangerous situations;
* be available for his/her guests when necessary;
* refrain from administering medication or treatment unless qualified to do so;
* at no time be under influence of alcohol or drugs while on tour;
* not solicit gratitudes or influence his/her clients for personal financial gain;
* avoid inappropriate familiarity with his/her guests;
* be courteous to clients, colleagues, hosts and personnel at all times;
* guide with tact and firmness, without being domineering;
* be tolerant and understandable of different points of view;
* act diplomatically, patiently and in such a manner so as to avoid potential confrontation;
* be punctual, helpful and reliable;
* always endeavor to broaden his/her knowledge;
* be well-organized and prepare thoroughly for each tour;
* be neatly dressed and suitably groomed while on tour.

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