The Southern Cross

You can see it in Namibia but not in Europe or in America.

At a time and without a telescope a normal person can not see more than a three thousand stars. The stars form groups (patterns) which called constellations. That is the way we can recognized it because star constellations remain more or less stable and look the same.
The most famous and well known southern constellation is called Crux Australis or the Southern Cross. The brightness of the stars forming the Southern Cross makes it easier to find.
The main star, Acrux, which is a double star, with one of it is 3000 times as powerful as the Sun. One of the stars forming the Southern Cross, Gamma Crucis, is orange rather than white which relates to its cooler surface. The Milky Way runs through the Southern Cross.
The position of the pole can be estimated by extending a line through the long axis of the Southern Cross which was used by navigators of the past through the centuries.

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