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12 days hiking trail & adventure


This outdoor adventure offers an eight-day, 120km (75 miles) hiking trail which has earned itself the reputation of being one of Southern Africa's most demanding routes. With its steep ascents and rocky terrain under-foot, this mountain trail demands a high degree of physical fitness. The rewards, however, are beyond words. The trail traverses the rugged Naukluft mountains on the edge of the Namib desert. Hikers will encounter secluded gorges, sparkling mountain pools and breathtaking views.
This hiking adventure is only possible with a minimum of 3 (three) participants and a maximum of 7 (seven) participants, due to the fact that the trail is situated in a National Nature Reserve, originally proclaimed with the purpose of protecting the Hartmann's Mountain Zebra. These mountains also support a healthy leopard population - always possible to catch a glimpse of this elusive, nocturnal predator.
Trails are allowed to start on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays of the first three weeks of each month, during season. (These days should thus correspond with DAY 4 of this adventure) Bookings well in advance. You will find this trail a true nature trip as it is unguided - you are on your own in an unspoilt environment!
The sample itinerary given below is only customizable with regard to the number of days, added either before or after the actual hike, with subsequent price adjustments. There is a season involved for this adventure. Due to climatic extremes, the trail is only open from 1 March to the third Friday in October. MORE INFORMATION?
DAY 1. Meet your host at the airport. Transfer to Windhoek for a quick tour of its sights & sounds. Travel south-west along the outer reaches of the Khomas Hochland (Central highlands) to the edge of the escarpment. Enjoy a picnic lunch/afternoon tea while looking down onto the endless horizons of the Namib desert. Descend into the desert and on to your first overnight experience on a Namib guest farm.
DAY 2. A slow, scenic drive after breakfast will take you through the Zaris mountains. Arrive at a rest camp in time for a picnic lunch. During the afternoon, explore the Sesriem Gorge, where the history of Earth is physically displayed. Before dinner, sip sundowners on a sand dune just outside the camp. Return to camp and experience the peace, tranquility and companionship of a desert camp fire. Keep your eyes peeled for Cape Fox and Gemsbok (Oryx) visiting the camp.
DAY 3 (OPTION 1). Start before sunrise and drive out to the sand dunes of Sossusvlei. Climb a sand dune to watch the sun rise over the dune sea. Experience a "live" art show, as you view the continuously changing colours of the Landscape, unfolding before you in this pristine Wilderness. Explore the desert life of this unique eco-system before a picnic "brunch" will be served under the age-old Camelthorn trees. Depart Sossusvlei and drive to the Naukluft mountains. Arrive in time for a camp dinner, and final preparations for your hike.
DAY 3 (OPTION 2). Start before sunrise for the most unforgettable experience of a life time! In the cool, pre-dawn air, ascend in a hot-air balloon, and silently drift high above the immensity of the Namib desert. From this exclusive vantage point, the rising sun paints an endless vista of shadow and light over an ocean of sand dunes and mountains. After about an hour of silently riding the air, descend and celebrate this unique event with a full champagne breakfast in the middle of the desert. Flight certificates are presented before the drive back to the camp. Depart Sesriem Rest Camp and drive to the Naukluft mountains. Arrive in time for a camp dinner, and final preparations for your hike.
DAY 4. First day of hike. Two fairly steep ascents, otherwise easy terrain. about six hours needed for this first 14km(8.75 miles) section. First overnight stop, Putte.
DAY 5. Second day of hike. Mainly traversing the undulating part of the plateau. Again about six hours needed for this 15 km (5 miles) section. One steep descent down the spectacular Ubisis Kloof - several chains anchored to assist with this otherwise difficult to negotiate descent. Second overnight stop, Ubisis kloof.
DAY 6. Third day of hike. Starts with a slight backtracking, then easy route followed across another section of the plateau. This section abounds with Kudu and Hartmann's Mountain Zebra. Requires about four to six hours for a 12 km (7.5 miles) section. Third overnight stop, Adlerhorst Shelter.
DAY 7. Fourth day of hike. Fairly level terrain before branching off into the beautiful Tsams River Gorge. Climbs steeply at one point to bypass a waterfall. After finally winding down to the river, an enormous Moringa Tree will be encountered [circumference close on 4 metres (13 ft)]. Total distance of section is 17 km (10.63 miles). Fourth overnight stop, Tsams Ost Shelter.
DAY 8. Fifth day of hike. Six to seven hours should cover this 17 km (10.63 miles) section. From the previous shelter, the trail ascends steeply up Broekskeur, across undulating terrain to Fonteinpomp where water bottles can be topped up. Fifth overnight stop, Die Valle.
DAY 9. Sixth day of hike. The trail leads to Die Valle waterfall, a magnificent sight, despite being usually dry. A short, steep climb to the top of this 200 metres (650ft) high waterfall, then a narrow gorge, and down into the Arbeid Adelt Valley. About six hours needed to cover this 16 km (10 miles) section. Sixth overnight stop, Tufa Shelter.
DAY 10. Seventh day of hike. Begins with a steep ascent with chain assistance to scale a waterfall. Three hours later, reach the top of the plateau and Bakenskop. You are rewarded with an angel's view! Magnificent vistas of a valley carved by the Tsondab River - 600 metres (1850 ft) below! Trail winds over Kapoklaagte where Springbok and Gemsbok (Oryx) can be seen. This 14 km (8.75 miles) section requires about five hours. Seventh overnight stop, Kapoklaagte Shelter.
DAY 11. Eighth day of hike. Section covers about 16 km (10 miles) and needs about five hours. Follow a jeep track for about 3.5 km (2.19 miles), traverse a watershed, descend into the Naukluft River by way of a tributary. On reaching the river, cool off in any of a number of crystal clear mountain pools. From the first pool, about forty minutes hike to camp. Un wind around a camp fire with sundowners, while a bush cuisine dinner is being prepared over the open fire.
DAY 12. After breakfast, depart from Naukluft and drive towards Windhoek. Arrive at the airport in time for your return flight.

8 days ecological desert hiking adventure

Is work pressure and stress getting you down? Just one week off work, Saturday to Saturday, and you will return, feeling as someone who has just been on a long vacation. The highlight of this outdoor adventure is a three-day, guided hiking trail along the Uchab river in the coastal Wilderness area of Namibia's Kaokoland - the last true Wilderness area in Africa!
Trails start on every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, during season. The trail distance is approximately 50km (31.5 miles), following the course of the Uchab river. Along the way you will also explore the fascinating granite rocks on the windswept plains adjoining the river. Learn about the dazzling variety of lichens, and the unique plants and animals of the desert. Experience an Ecosystem unlike anything else on Earth, under clear skies and in a country totally free of air pollution. This hike is only possible for a minimum number of 6 (six), and a maximum of 7 (seven) participants, as it is situated within a Nature Reserve. You have three days before the actual hike to prepare and gradually become acclimatized as you travel through two different landscapes and climatic zones - after arrival - before reaching the third. At the end of the hike, spend a day at the Namibian "Riviera" before returning to the airport. The sample itinerary given below is only customizable with regard to the number of days added either before or after the actual hike, with subsequent price adjustments. There is a season involved for this adventure, it will only be open from April to October.
DAY 1. Meet your host at the airport. Transfer to Windhoek for a quick tour of its sights & sounds. Leave the City behind and head for the African bush! Enjoy your first African sunset while sipping sundowners at a waterhole.
DAY 2. After breakfast, drive due west and see the landscape change from bush to desert-steppe, until you reach the Namibian coast. A short stop, and then north along a salt-surfaced road until you reach a little fishing village where you will overnight and briefly review the hike ahead.
DAY 3. Continue North along the coast until you reach the well-known Namibian Skeleton Coast Park. This is the coastal gateway to Kaokoland - the last true Wilderness area in Africa. Final preparations for the hike done in camp.
DAY 4. Start the trek! Although you now find yourself in the middle of the gravel plains of the Namib desert, with the Skeleton Coast to the west and the desert to the east, you will enter and experience one of the most unique eco-systems in the world.
DAY 5. Second day of hike. This is a totally dry river course you are following - in the middle of the desert! All is, however, not quite what it seems at first. Experience the life giving affects that the subterranean waters have on both desert adapted Fauna and Flora. Namibia boasts one of the richest Lichen fields in the world!
DAY 6. Third day of hike - conclusion. With luck, it is not impossible to encounter the world famous - and endangered - Namibian Desert Elephants. Other desert adapted wildlife abound, drawn by the vegetation, in turn dependant, on the subterranean water. Return to camp for a well-deserved sundowner and hearty camp cuisine.
DAY 7. Return to the coastal town of Swakopmund - the Namibian "Riviera" as a half way stop-over. While in Swakopmund, view the largest Mineral Crystal Cluster ever unearthed to date! If you love seafood, Swakopmund is it - probably the best seafood platter that you will ever have!
DAY 8. Early departure from the coast, heading back into the Interior, to arrive at the airport in time for your return flight.

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