Mr.H.Vrey's images on leather

The original works of Namibian author.

Pokerwork is done with a hot soldering-iron on leather. Pokerwork is a very old form of art used since ancient times by indigenous people to decorate wooden items and weapons.
In 1967 Mr. Hendrik Vrey "rediscovered" this art form in Windhoek, Namibia and started developing it to its present form. Originally the artist used wires that had been heated in a fire, to burn designs onto apple box planks. Nowadays he uses electric soldering-irons on tanned leather. The points of the soldering-irons are shaped to suit his needs.
After completion, the piece is varnished to protect it against dirt, dust and insects. It is advisable to gently clean the leather picture with any furniture polish every six month. This will prevent the varnish from drying out and forming small cracks.
Under normal circumstances the artwork will last for a long time. In time the leather will darken uniformly, especially when subjected to a bright light, but this will not harm the work.
All the works are originals and done by the artist himself. The certificate will be provided with every items sold.
Please follow the links below to view the sample item and for an information on selected item. Please contact us if you like to order other works of the artist.
Shipping and insurance costs are not included in the published prices.
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77. Palm trees. 78. Lion. 79. Oryx antelopes. 80. Zebras. 81. Elephant. 82. Quiver tree.

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