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Elena Mitrofanova professional artist

Collector's items (1-20)

Collector's items 1 (21-40)

Collector's items 2 (41-53)

Collector's items 3 (54-59)

Painted ostrich eggs (60-76)
Mr.H.Vrey's images on leather (Items 77-82)
African ethnic groups
Tours and safaris in Namibia
African links

Featured items:

elephantspecial.jpg (5248 bytes) Elephant hair bracelets
Only US$ 49.95 View
cardsspecial.jpg (3132 bytes) Bushmen motif playing cards
Only US$ 15.95 View
openersspecial.jpg (4356 bytes) Openers-warthog tusks, springbok horns
Only US$ 25.95- 57.95
warthogspecial.jpg (2196 bytes) Key ring-warthog tusk
Only US$ 15.95 View

Elena African Art online shop

Everything from Africa you wanted to have

You do not have to travel to Africa to buy a special gift. We are already here. Choose whatever you like and it will be delivered to your doorstep. Remember, by buying our souvenirs you are supporting our local artists, providing them with a source of income.
We pack, insure and send to any destination in the world.

You can buy any of advertised items and, besides, you can also find an information on tribes and ethnic groups of African countries where these beautiful artefacts have been produced. We have tried to give you as much information as possible.

It is easy to order your special gift. Just send us a request (with an approximate size of your order and your location) and within 24 hours we will contact you with all necessary details.
Looking for anything special? Try our search!
Please inquire about our discounts.
We are ready to discuss any personal order for the African items no matter how small or big it will be.
Our address:
E-mail:  art@namibweb.com

Attention AOL users! Our rule is to answer all your messages and requests within not more than 24 hours from receiving it. Unfortunately we have a feeling that messages sent to AOL users are getting lost. If you have no news from us within abovementioned period please try to contact AOL or send a message from another address.
Featured items:

fossilspecial.jpg (5049 bytes) Fossils from South Africa
Only US$ 324.95 for two View
sandbottlesspecial.jpg (3591 bytes) Bottles with Namib desert sand from Namibia
From only US$ 4.95 View

new.gif (1414 bytes)Animal skins for sale



















African adventure tours and safaris in Namibia, travel directory and online country guide

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