Driving in Namibia
Namibia has an excellent network of tarred and gravel roads. It is however, essential that you allow sufficient time when driving from one point to another. The speed limit on gravel roads is 60 km/h and accidents are sure to result when this rule is ignored. Driving is on the left-hand side of the road and law requires the wearing of seatbelts. Credit cards are not accepted as payment for fuel. Roads signs, particularly those, which indicate a curve in the road, should be observed and speed should be reduced by at least a third when a warning sign appears. Headlights should be turned on in dusty conditions. Tyre/air pressure plays an important role as far as the road holding ability of the vehicle is concerned. Please observe the manufacturer's guidelines in this regard. As far as possible, avoid travelling at night and be aware of slippery roads in wet weather. One should also always be aware of animals crossing the road.

Important: not all gravel roads are the same!
Please be aware of the conditions of the road surface.

Four Wheel Drive Excursions
Before driving:
- Check engine oil when vehicle is cold
- Do not over fill when topping up
- Check tyre pressure. (The correct pressure is written on a sticker on the driver doorframe. This should be checked when the tyres are cold. Correct pressure will reduce fuel consumption and prevent steering wobble and tyre bursts).
- Check radiator water in plastic bottle next to the radiator
Tar/Gravel roads:
- Front wheel hubs must be in free position
- Secondary gear lever must be on 2H
Engaging four wheel drive:
- Never shift secondary gear while driving
- Always turn free wheel hubs to "lock" position before engaging secondary gear.
Sandy conditions:
- Follow instructions on engaging four wheel drive
- Shift secondary gear to L4 low. Use first and second gear and do not over-rev the engine
- Do not exceed 60 km/h
- Watch out for dips in the road.
- Sudden motions and overcorrecting of steering wheel.
- Driving over the speed limit
Extreme / muddy conditions:
- Follow instructions on engaging four wheel drive
- Shift secondary gear to L4 (low range)
- Only use first gear and do not over-rev
- Gently rock vehicle backwards and forwards.

General Information
On arrival at the Avis rental counter, you must produce:
- Method of payment
- Driver's license
- Passport (if foreign visitor)
- Cash or credit card to cover applicable deposits
- Home address and telephone number
- Local contact details (Hotel/tour operator)

Standard cover rates: on request

9M 9O Minimum Rental Period:
1 Day
P Corsa or Similar  Economy ECMN (M) - - - -
A VW Chico or Similar  Economy EDMN (M) (CD) - - - -
B VW Polo Hatch or Similar  Compact CDMR (M) (CD) (AC) (P) - - - -
C VW Polo Classic or Similar  Intermediate IDMR (M) (CD) (AC) (P) (AB) - - - -
D Nissan Tiida or Similar  Intermediate IDAR (A) (CD) (AC) (P) (AB) - - - -
E VW Jetta or Similar  Standard SDAR (A) (CD) (AC) (P) (AB) - - - -
G Mercedes C Class or Similar  Full Size FDAR (A) (CD) (AC) (P) (AB) - - - -
K Nissan X-Trail 2x4 or Similar Full Size FXMR (M) (CD) (AC) (P) (AB) - - - -
H VW T5 Caravelle or Similar Full Size FVMR (M) (CD) (AC) (P) (AB) - - - -
J Toyota Hilux Single Cab 4x4 FPNR (M) (CD) (AC) (P) (AB) - - - -
N Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 FFNR (M) (CD) (AC) (P) (AB) - - - -
M Nissan X-Trail or Similar 4x4 FXNR (M) (CD) (AC) (P) (AB) - - - -

KEY: M=Manual A=Automatic AC=Air-conditioned P=Power steering AB=Airbags
*Vehicles of similar specifications are available in each group and as such the vehicles in the fleet are subject to change.

- Airport Surcharge
- Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
- Stamp Duty Fee
- Standard Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
- Standard Theft Loss Waiver (TLW)
- Unlimited Kilometers
- Value Added Tax @ 15% (VAT)
- Accidents that occur on a road that is not suitable for the intended manufacture of the vehicle. - Fuel Deposit / Refundable Deposit
- Additional Driver - One Way Fee Within Country
- Additional Driver Fee - One-way Cross Border Fee
- Additional Spare Tyre refundable deposits: Group P/A/B/C/D/E/G/K/H/M Sandblasting Damage
'No deposit and no additional charge per day applies) - Tyre, Rim and Hubcap Damage
- Child Safety Seat - Valet charged when applicable
- Claim Administration Fee in the event of damage and/or theft - Water and Under-carriage Damage to vehicles
- Contract Fee - Windscreen Damage / Repair
- Cross Border Fee - Young Driver Surcharge (Under 21 years of age, but a minimum age of 18 with a valid unendorsed drivers licence)
- Delivery & Collection Fee
- Frequent Flyer Miles

Rate Terms and Conditions
The rates are guaranteed at time of reservation, thereafter any modification will result in rate / price defaulting to current values.
The rates are valid at all locations within Namibia.
The minimum rental period is 1 (one) day. A rental day is calculated on a 24-hour cycle which starts from the time of check-out. Should a vehicle be returned late, the renter will be charged for an additional day/s at the extension rate, which the renter will need to settle directly with Avis Rent a Car.
Rates are only valid when pre-reserved and / or pre-paid to Avis Rent a Car.
Please note that these rates do not qualify the renter for any Airline Frequent Flyer Programme benefits.
A cancellation fee will apply when the customer returns the vehicle earlier than stipulated on the voucher. The number of rental days reflected on any specific voucher will be billed to the Tour Operator irrespective of whether the renter curtails the rental before the termination date. Refunds must be requested by the Tour Operator and will not be done directly to the customer by Avis. A cancellation fee equivalent to 1 (one) day rental charge will be levied on all refund applications. There are no cancellation fees if reservations are cancelled before the rental date.
A No Show Fee will apply to the tour operator for rentals where the reserved vehicle does not get collected by the customer without a 48 hour prior cancellation.
The minimum rental age is 21 years. The renter and additional driver must have been in possession of a valid driver's licence for a minimum of 1 year.
Renters who are under the age of 21, but a minimum age of 18 and are in possession of a valid unendorsed drivers licence will be charged a young driver's surcharge.

Modification and Rate Guarantee: In the case of guaranteed reservations, certain modifications will break the conditions of the guaranteed rate and therefore the current rate values will be applied to the reservation. They are:
- Change to check-out location
- Change to check-out date and / or time
- Change to car group
- Change to check-in location
- Change to check-in date and / or time
- Change to customer's name
Deposits Due on Nett Rates: Please note that the deposits and any other extras the rate excludes may not be included in the voucher value. The customer should settle direct with Avis Rent a Car. The deposits will be collected at time of rental and can only be done by the customer tendering a recognised bank credit card or AVIS charge card. Debit cards are not accepted. Authorisation for the applicable amount will be obtained on the credit card at time of pick-up. When the customer returns the car and no charges are applicable, Avis Rent a Car will cancel the applicable authorisation. Any other charges will be levied on return of the vehicle.
Extensions on Nett Rates: Should the renter wish to extend his rental in excess of the voucher value, he will be responsible for settling the amount directly with Avis Rent a Car. The charge will be as per the agreed extension rate on the rental agreement.

Contact & reservations:

E-mail: info@namibweb.com

To book:

1)  you can e-mail us requesting information and/or rates

Reservations are only accepted in writing: by fax or via e-mail.
Final availability confirmation: in writing: by fax or via e-mail.

Terms & conditions, Payment options and Cancellation policy

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