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Activities are organised in such a way that our guests are able to combine up to 4 per day. We welcome individuals and groups of up to 20 or more on request. To avoid disappointment, make your bookings as far in advance as possible, but feel free to contact us at any time if you are in town with some time on your hands!

Thesehands Lounge
: Overlooking Windhoek and the Khomas Hochland, Thesehands Lounge is only 6 km south of Windhoek. The Lounge, at 2046m above sea level and 500m above Windhoek, offers spectacular sunset views and has a fantastic ambience. It can accommodate up to 60 guests for tour groups, team building, drumming circles, and corporate events and of course sundowners to end your day in a breathtaking setting.

Day routes: On/off road combination, ideal for the less experienced, as well as pure off-road for the more experienced and the adrenaline junkies. Tours for 2 days or longer cover approximately. 250km per day and can be done by all motor- cycle enthusiasts.   All tours include a guide, Yamaha 600cc motorcycle, fuel, medical equipment, Satellite communication, back-up vehicles and catering.

4x4 Trails: 4x4 driving is the favourite past time of Be Local and many other Namibians. Dust and dirt, rocks and riverbeds are our playground. There are 2 rules on the playground: Preserve Nature and preserve your vehicle. Testing the limits of man and machine, experience is the essential element for surviving the day.  It is that or walking home. We invite you to enjoy our world like we do!  Definitely not for the faint-hearted, come and test your courage! Maximum 4 people.

Sundowners: The Namibian sunsets are world renowned. We treat you to an adventurous 4x4 drive, indulging you to spectacular scenic moments, as well as a remarkable sunset from the mountaintops surrounding Windhoek.  Breathtaking views, tranquillity and good company are the ingredients of this unforgettable experience. Complementary drinks and traditional snacks included.
Approximately 2 hours, including 4X4
transport. Book in advance!

Sundowner including “These Hands exclusive dinner experience”: Enjoy a delicious fondue style dinner at “Thesehands” lounge, surrounded by pure African beauty below the African stars.  Let the pulse of Africa flow through your veins and capture your soul.  The only way to start or end your stay in Namibia! Price includes wine, malt & soft drinks, adventure drive, sun-downer, finger snacks, 1 course dinner (meat & salads) and the ultimate African experience.

Drive Namibia: Namibia the land of sandstorms; searing heat; towering dunes and hostile scenery - Survival is a way of life here. Careful expedition planning and 4X4 experience is essential. Your adventure could include awesome scenery, deep sand, jagged peaks and rare, incredible animals such as the desert elephant. Once you leave the city of Windhoek you are on your own with the craggy mountains and endless miles of dust and dirt. Namibia is the place where your 4X4 fantasies become reality.
We cannot emphasize enough the real dangers guests face when travelling through the unfamiliar Namibian countryside.

Even if you do not plan to venture into the more remote areas, you will still have to negotiate long stretches of dangerous gravel roads.
The number of guest-related car accidents in Namibia is frightening!
To prepare you for your journey, we offer basic off road driving techniques for 4X4 as well as sedan vehicles. Our 4x4 instruction will get you accustomed to your vehicle and its accessories. A basic survival course and optional survival box is offered to aid you in case of emergencies.
Satellite Phones are highly recommended for all self-drive safaris.

Driver Training: On offer is basic and advanced on and off road driving techniques for sedans and 4WD vehicles. Our 4x4 instruction will get you accustomed to your vehicle and its accessories and a basic survival course is offered to aid you in case of emergencies.
Sedan: Technical driving skill in various road surfaces, using Namibian roads and practical instruction such as changing a tyre, preventative maintenance and a lecture on basic survival techniques in case of emergency.

4 Wheel Drive: Learn the correct application of the 4x4 high and low range, the use and implementation of hub locks and differential locks, technical driving skill on various terrains and vehicle recovery. Participants will receive a 4x4 quick reference card to keep.

Satellite phones: Namibia is famous for its wide-open spaces and untouched beauty. Should you be stranded, the tranquillity could become dangerous and unforgiving.  It is highly advised that any self-drive safari into the Namibian interior should be equipped with a Satphone.  Cellular cover- age is limited to some towns only.  A Satphone could be your only means to survival in an emergency situation.

Township Tour: Katutura is a suburb of Windhoek which has its origin in the 1960's when the apartheid government decided to move all the black inhabitants out of Windhoek.  For many black Namibians this controversial place has now become their home.  60% of Windhoek's population is housed here. Through much ingenuity they have changed an unwanted place with little to no infrastructure into their home.  With us you will experience their culture, their lifestyle, food and even meet some residents who are helping the children in their community which have been orphaned through AIDS. Tour starts at 10h00 and lasts 2 hours 30 minutes. Refreshments included.

Windhoek City Tours: Home to 22 ethnic groups, Windhoek is a small Namibia.  Evidence of a rich and diverse history can be seen in our capital through our historical sites, museums and other places of interest. Windhoek is also the administrative, commercial and industrial centre of Namibia. Find out more about Windhoek from the locals. Tour starts at any pre-arranged time and lasts for approximately 2h30min.

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