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TOURS AND SAFARIS: Let us organise a day trip for you. Explore the Lowveld in one of host comfortable vehicles with an experienced guide. Alternatively, experience it all in real style with one of host exhilarating helicopter trips - "Mountain Magic" for the highlights of Mpumalanga with lunch on a private mountain top, or "Winged Safari" for a flight into the very heart of the bush with an open Land Rover game drive at a private game reserve. Enquire about host wide range of world famous five day, four night Cybele/Private Game Lodge packages - Self drive, fly/drive, chauffeur drive and chauffeur drive with overnight Train journey and Helicopter.

VEHICLES AND GUIDES: Host drivers and guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable, having studied extensively, as well as having worked in the area for a considerable time. They are all fully trained, and their pleasant manner will help to ensure a memorable day. All host guides are registered with the South African Tourism Board.
Host new luxury fleet of vehicles, comprising of such modern comforts as pure leather seats, all have air-conditioning. For those that prefer a higher level of comfort, host flagship vehicle – a Cheep Grand Jerokee, can be reserved for all tours and transfers. All vehicles carry beverages on board and drinks can be served en route. Superior picnics are served on certain tours and these are provided by the kitchen at Cybele Forest Lodge and Spa, in consultation with the guest’s dietary requirements.
White River: Only 20 minutes drive from Cybele Forest Lodge and Spa, guests can be treated to a shopping excursion that includes Casterbridge Farm where exquisite furniture, pottery and embroidery can be viewed. The centre has several restaurants as well as a cinema. Kraal Craft is a famous African Art curio shop and then guests can be taken to Rotcher Wineries where they could do some wine tasting and view some more curios.
Nelspruit: Riverside Mall is 35 minutes from Cybele and houses everything from Grocery stores to restaurants and upmarket furniture and clothing shops.
Graskop: Approximately 1 hours drive from Cybele en route to the Blyde River Canyon, African curios, the famous Harry's Pancakes Restaurant and pottery.

Kruger Park Tour: This special tour departs from the lodge at 05h00 and visits the world-renowned Kruger National Park. This two million-hectare sanctuary is home to 147 mammal species, 500 varieties of birds, 114 types of reptiles and a fascinating array of flora. After an early start and some fresh filter coffee, the Kruger Park is revealed at sunrise. This time of day offers the finest opportunity of seeing nocturnal predators before they sleep during the heat of the day. A short stop is made for a delicious picnic breakfast at one of the many picnic spots in the Kruger Park. This tour can either be taken as a half-day trip returning to the lodge at lunchtime or as a full day tour where lunch is also included.
Panorama Discoverer: Departs at 09h00 and returns at 17h00. The towering Drakensberg escarpment rears out of the bushveld, an area of quite breathtaking beauty and tranquillity. During the last 150 years, gold was found in the streams and a storybook history of prospectors, highwaymen and colourful characters that became part of the heritage of the area. On this tour, which departs after breakfast, places of incredible beauty and ever-changing landscape will be seen. The Blyde River Canyon, Bourke's Luck Potholes, Three Rondavels, God's Window, and the historic mining town of Pilgrim's Rest and Lone Creek Falls. An excellent picnic lunch is served en route. This is a full day tour returning to the lodge late afternoon.
Sudwala Caves Tour: Near Nelspruit, these 600 million-year-old caves will enthral guests with their stalagmite and stalactite formations. They are considered the oldest known caves on earth! The main cavern is nearly 70 metres in diameter with a 37-metre dome. To end the tour a traditional picnic, prepared by Cybele’s chef, is served. This tour can depart at any time. The Caves have set tours every 30 minutes. The Caves are 1 hour away from Cybele. There is also a small cultural village on the property, which is very interesting for guests to walk through and an African decorated restaurant where guests can enjoy a light meal.
Croc River Snake and Reptile Park: In Nelspruit only 45 minutes from Cybele will give guests an insight into the smaller creatures of the African bush. Enjoy a light picnic as a part of the experience.
Lowveld Botanical Gardens: Regarded as one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the country, the Lowveld Botanical Garden features rain forests and waterfalls. It sits astride the Crocodile River and is joined from the opposite bank by the Nels River. Both rivers tumble over spectacular waterfalls within the garden, forming a dramatic setting for the developed portion of the garden. In addition to the 600 species of naturally occurring plants, more than 2 000 additional species have been planted. The garden is famous for its collection of cycads, said to be the largest in the world. Just 40 minutes drive from the lodge and well worth a visit. It also hosts a tea garden where light snacks can be enjoyed at leisure.
Breeding Project Tour: A visit to the Research and Breeding Center in Hoedspruit, approximately 150 km’s from Cybele, will increase your awareness of the fragile balance of the cheetah population. They feature on the World Wildlife Fund’s list of endangered species. The two-hour tour will also allow you the opportunity to view African Dog, Ground Hornbills and many other rare and endangered species in their natural habitat. An extension of the standard tour takes you into the rehabilitation camps for Barbary Lion and Rhino. These two extended tours lasting three hours are conducted daily at 08h00 and 14h00.
Golfing: Having become a very popular activity in the area, there are three top 18-hole courses in the vicinity. One in Hazyview at the Sabie River Sun Hotel, and another in White River at the White River Country Estate. Both of these are only 25 minutes from the lodge. The third course is situated in Nelspruit, the capital city of Mpumalanga, just 40 minutes from Cybele.
River Rafting: Go White River rafting on the scenic Sabie River with 20 thrilling rapids. Experience swimming, bum sliding and wave surfing with a boogie board. Enjoy light snacks served with ice-cold refreshments on the riverbanks. This excursion is ideal during the summer months.

Private Night Safari: Depart from the lodge at around 13h30 and guests will be driven to one of South Africa's top private game reserves in search of the ‘Big 5’ – Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino. After tea, guests board an open Landrover and set off into the bush to experience wildlife at close quarters in the care of a game ranger and tracker. Enjoy a sundowner in the bush, after which, spotlights are turned on and the game drive continues into the night as the ranger seeks out the nocturnal species. Arriving back at camp, dinner is served around a huge log fire in the boma after which guests are driven back to the lodge at around 23h00. Subject to private lodge availability.
Shangana Evening Festival: The Kruger Park and Mozambique are the ancestral homes of the Shangana people. Visit the reconstructed villages of the Shangana, which are home to families who invite guests to experience their culture and take part in their traditional way of life. The village is approximately 30 minutes drive from Cybele and departure time is 16h30. It is a very informative evening as guides escorts guests through the Shangana Village and then move through to the open air festival hall where they can see traditional dancing and performances. Drinks are served during the show. A traditional Shangaan dinner is served during interval from great pots over open fires after which the dancing carries on. Guests can expect to be back at the lodge at approximately 21H30. Alternatively a Mid Day Shangana Festival can also be arranged.

HOT AIR BALLOONING: Hot Air Ballooning has become very popular in the area. The launch site is situated in Hazyview, approximately 30 minutes from Cybele and what better way to start off your day than with a choice of one of the following packages involving transfers, a balloon flight and various sightseeing options.
Sunrise Balloon Experience: Guests will be transferred to the balloon launch site. The launch time is at 05h00, when coffee/tea is served and guests witness the balloon being inflated. The flight is approximately 45 minutes, thereafter guests are treated to a charming country breakfast and returned to the lodge later in the morning.
Panorama Balloon Experience: After the sunrise balloon flight and breakfast guests can continue on a Panorama Tour. Visit places of breathtaking beauty such as the Blyde River Canyon, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, the Three Rondawels and God’s Window. An excellent picnic lunch, including beverages is served en route. Guests are driven back to the lodge in the late afternoon.
Cultural Balloon Experience: After the sunrise balloon flight and breakfast, guests will be driven to the Shangana Cultural Village. Shangana families invite guests to experience their culture and take part in their traditional way of life. Visit the Sangoma kraal for a lesson in traditional medicines, and enjoy a traditional meal served from great pots over open fires. Guests will be returned to the lodge in the early afternoon.

There is something magical about swaying through the African bush on the back of an elephant… Experience South Africa’s first elephant back safari operation.
The 12 fully trained African elephants arrived at Kapama in early 2002, after being relocated from Zimbabwe, where their safety was in jeopardy. During the elephant-back safari, guests are seated on comfortable canvas-covered saddles positioned behind an experienced elephant handler. From this vantage point, they are able to view game from close proximity as the elephants move silently and in single file through the bush. The unique and memorable experience of interacting with Africa’s gentle giants will be savoured long after guests alight from the patiently kneeling elephants. The safari lasts approximately 1hour 30 minutes. Thereafter enjoy refreshments and snacks while reminiscing about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Helicopter Transfer with Morning Elephant Safari: Depart Cybele at 05h30 (seasonal) and fly direct to Kapama. Land next to the watering hole of the elephants. Board the elephants approximately as the sun is rising and after your safari, enjoy champagne and fruit juice as well and some fresh fruit.
*Please note that breakfast can be enjoyed on arrival back at Cybele
Road Transfer with Afternoon Elephant Safari: Depart Cybele at 13h00. On arrival at Kapama, guests will be transferred to the Elephants and the safari will commence late afternoon, and continue until sunset. On arrival back at the watering hole, enjoy a sundowner and snacks before being taken back to Kapama, from where guests will be transferred back to Cybele.
*Please note that a sandwich lunch and a traditional Cybele Forest Lodge picnic will accompany the trip. These may however have to be enjoyed while traveling to and from Cybele.

A visit to the Research and Breeding Center at Kapama demonstrates the fragile
balance of the Cheetah population that features on the World Wildlife Fund’s list of endangered species. It also allows guests the opportunity of viewing African Wild Dog, Ground Hornbills and many other rare and endangered species in their natural habitat.

Helicopter Transfer with Morning Elephant Safari and Late Morning Research and Breeding Center Tour
Depart Cybele at 05h30 (seasonal) and fly direct to Kapama Lodge. From here guests are transferred to the Elephants. Board the elephants as the sun is rising and after the safari, enjoy champagne and fruit juice as well and some fresh fruit. You will then be transferred back to the Kapama Research and Breeding Center and begin the tour where guests will be educated on how these endangered species can be saved. Following the tour, enjoy a delicious picnic lunch, prepared in accordance with dietary requirements. Guests will be driven back to Cybele.
*A picnic lunch will accompany the trip and can be enjoyed at the Kapama Research and Breeding Center.
Road Transfer with Early Afternoon Research and Breeding Project Tour and Late Afternoon Elephant Safari
Depart Cybele at 10h30. On arrival at Kapama, guests will be taken on a tour of the Research and Breeding Center. This tour lasts for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. After this join up with the Elephants. The safari will commence late afternoon, and continue until sunset. On arrival back at the watering hole, sip on some champagne and enjoy light snacks. Guests are then returned to Kapama for the drive back to Cybele.
*Please note that a sandwich lunch and a traditional Cybele Forest Lodge picnic will accompany the trip. These may however have to be enjoyed while traveling to and from Cybele
Undoubtedly, the most spectacular way of experiencing the scenic highlights of South Africa, a helicopter flight is not to be missed - The helicopter can be chartered at any time during the day. Note that good clear weather conditions are essential. Bell Jetrangers, seating four passengers, are also an ideal way of viewing the area – in grand style! The selection of unforgettable helicopter adventures in Mpumalanga is world famous. Some of the tours on offer are as follows:
Mountain Magic: An exhilarating flight, that takes you where few men have ventured before. Swoop over deep and mysterious gorges, through lush valleys bursting with vegetation and colour. Hover above roaring rivers and cascading waterfalls, continue through God's Window alongside the fascinating and dramatic rock formations of the Blyde River Canyon and the curious Three Rondavels. Descent, landing on a remote mountain with a breathtaking view over the Mpumalanga Lowveld. Enjoy a delicious breakfast, brunch or lunch accompanied by chilled wine or champagne. Listen for the call of the Mountain Reedbuck, or watch an eagle soaring overhead. This is where rivers, mountains and indigenous forests come together.
Waterfall Wonder: A dramatic flight over the vast pine forests on the slopes of the Drakensberg to Graskop, God's Window, Lisbon and Berlin Falls. This is a shorter flight but just as exhilarating!
Pilgrim’s Pioneer: This flight allows you to experience helicopter flying and to marvel at the vastness of the forests. Over many of the main attractions such as God's Window and Mac Mac Falls. Landing at Pilgrim’s Rest, where you may have a drink at the historic Royal Hotel and explore the gold mining town before returning over some truly spectacular scenery.
Mac Mac and Back: Fly over the forests to Mac Mac Falls, returning down the river valley. This overview of the area provides great photographic opportunities. This shorter flight is available when the helicopter is already in the area and is taken before or after one of the other adventures described. Prices for flights, where the helicopter has to be called in specifically, are available on request.
Winged Safari: As the call of the Bushveld beckons lift off from the lodge by helicopter and fly a few hundred feet above the trees into the heart of Africa. Land at a remote clearing carved out of the bush and you have arrived at one of Africa's top private game reserves. An open Landrover and a qualified game ranger await you.
This is Big Five country – Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo. Your knowledgeable game ranger and tracker will offer you a fascinating insight into the natural habitats of smaller mammals, birds and reptiles on the way. As the magical drive draws to a close, you are left with a deep and lasting impression of the magnificence of Africa's wildlife. This is where wildlife, the bush and ecology interact. This is the real Africa! After your game drive, enjoy a delicious breakfast at the game lodge. The flight back to your hotel will happen after breakfast.
Transfers: Transfer to/from game lodges, KMIA or even Johannesburg can be booked.

Cybele Forest Lodge, South Africa Cybele Forest Lodge, South Africa Cybele Forest Lodge, South Africa

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