Regulations for visitors to Etosha National Park

1. In terms of Section 18, 19, 20, 83 & 84 of the Nature Conservation Ordinance, 1975: Ordinance 4 of 1975, as amended, no person shall:-
a) drive a vehicle in a place other than a road which is indicated by a signpost;
b) drive a vehicle on a road which has been declared closed by the means of a road sign;
c) drive faster than the general speed limit of 60km/hr or faster than the special speed limit of 20km/hr within the area of the officially designated campsite or rest camp;
d) drive or park to the inconvenience of others;
e) bring or drive any animal, whether domestic or otherwise, into the game park, or allow it to enter the game park;
f) throw away any burning or smouldering object or put or leave it at a place where it can possibly ignite any other object or cause such an object to be ignited;
g) bring any air gun, bow and arrow, sling, catapult or unsealed firearm into the game park. Should such a person not be able to give a satisfactory explanation for an unsealed firearm found in his/her possession, he shall be guilty of an offence;
h) kill, injure or unnecessarily disturb any wild animal in the game park;
i) gather, mutilate, damage or unnecessarily tamper with any tree, plant, or shrub or any other object of botanical, zoological, geological, archaeological, historical or any other scientific interest in a game park;
j) roll down or throw stones from any height or mountain;
k) relieve themselves anywhere except in the sanitary conveniences provided therefore;
l) make a fire in any place other than the officially designated fireplaces provided for that purpose;
m) deposit any rubbish anywhere except in the containers provided for that purpose;
n) contaminate drinking water in any manner whatsoever, or tamper with a water installation;
o) present any public entertainment or charge the public any money or do any trade or distribute any pamphlet, book, handbill, or other printed or written matter or organise, hold or address any meeting or gathering in the game park;
p) at any time make a noise unnecessarily or unreasonably, or cause or allow such a noise to be made, which may disturb another person or the game, or do anything which may be a nuisance, hindrance or obstruction to the public.
2. Any person entering the game park shall forthwith report to the officer in charge or his/her representative.
3. Every permit holder shall strictly observe the conditions on which the permit is issued to him/her and shall comply with any lawful instructions issued by the officer in charge of the game park or his/her representative.
4. Houses, flats, rondavels, rest houses, dormitories, tents or camping sites shall be vacated before 10h00 on the day of departure.
5. Receipts or tickets issued in payment of services rendered or for accommodation, or for any article supplied by an officer of the game park, shall be retained by the persons to whom it was issued and he shall produce it when requested to do so by an officer.
6. Every visitor to the game park shall at all times take reasonable and proper care to the satisfaction of the officer in charge in the use of government property.
7. No persons shall enter that part of a game park where the residence of an officer or employee of the Government Services is situated without the permission of the officer in charge of the rest camp.
8. No person shall be in possession of a wild animal, or any other animal whatsoever in the game park.
9. No person shall enter upon or occupy a camping site if such camping site has not been allocated to him/her.
10. Furniture and other equipment shall not be removed from the accommodation mentioned in regulation 4. Should furniture or equipment be damaged, it shall be reported immediately to the officer in charge and the compensation determined by him/her shall be paid immediately.
11. Any person entering the game park does so at his/her own risk and the Government is not liable for any damage which visitors may suffer because of any physical injury, whether fatal or not, or for any damage or loss which visitors may suffer as a result of fire, theft, or the negligence or design of any other person or brought about by any animal in the game park.
12. No person shall:-
a) stay overnight in the game park in any place other than a rest camp;
b) travel in the game park or cross the boundaries of the game park after sunset or before sunrise.
13. No person shall:-
a) leave a rest camp except by vehicle or alight from or hang out of a vehicle except in a rest camp or designated camping site save for a sound reason which he/she must be able to substantiate;
b) play a radio or tape recorder, or cause it to be played except in a rest camp.
14. Visitors in open vehicles or on the backs of open vehicles shall not be admitted unless such vehicles are equipped with effective railings or other sufficient protection to the satisfaction of the officer in charge of the park.
15. It is illegal to fly any aircraft lower than 1000 metres above ground level except when taking off and landing, or to land elsewhere except at the official landing strips at the rest camp.


RSA visitors:

When inquiring state the following in ENGLISH: name of resort/lodge/camp/hotel, dates, number of persons, ages of all children by the time of arrival (if any), type of accommodation required.

Contact & reservations:

Reservations are only accepted in writing: by fax or via e-mail.
Final availability confirmation: in writing: by fax or via e-mail.

Terms & conditions, Payment options and Cancellation policy

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