Information about one of the most famous mountains in Namibia. See Spitzkoppe Rest Camp for accommodation and camping options.

Горы Шпицкоппе и Понток составляют гранитную горную формацию, состоящую из нескольких пиков, расположенная между городами Юсакос и Свакопмунд, в пустыне Намиб, центральная Намибия (регион Эронго). Возраст скал составляет более 120 миллионов лет. Самый высокий пик достигает высоты 1784 м над уровнем моря и почти на 700 м выше окружающего плато.

YouTube aerial and ground video of Spitzkoppe:


Spitzkoppe, one of the most often photographed sites in Namibia and country's well-known landmark, is located off the main B2 road Usakos - Swakopmund.
Together with the Brandberg or the nearby Erongo Mountains, Spitzkoppe is the most famous (although not one of the highest) mountains in the country.Spitzkoppe Mountain Namibia
For the Namibians it is hard to appreciate nature's beauty because it is something that people see everyday and it has become part of their everyday life. However, when people from other countries come to explore the country they truly get amused by its natural beauty.
The age of the mountain is more than 700 million years. In 1946 the Spitzkoppe was first climbed from its western face. Ever since then the mountain remained popular for Namibian and foreign climbers. The Spitzkoppe rises about 1784 meters (5857 feet) above the flat surrounding plain.

YouTube aerial and ground video of Spitzkoppe Village:


There are large variety of plants in the area, such as the Myrothamnus flabellifolius, Boscia foetida and the Kleinia longiflora. Almost the only tree specie to be seen is the Acacia reficiens. Bird life is represented by several species one of these is the Herero Chat which is one of most beautiful birds in the area. The Spitzkoppe has one of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in Namibia. The sun changes its colour from a light orange to a dark yellowish. Just before dark one can experience peace and quietness whilst viewing magnificent open land.

YouTube aerial and ground video of Spitzkoppe Camp:


The quietness allows one to listen to the little creatures and they move around and make up all sorts of noises. At night one can watch the stars in the open sky. If it is a full moon, one can appreciate all the light scattering over the waste land. The Spitzkoppe is also known as the ''Matterthorn of Africa.''
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