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Wescamp Villa has breathtaking views of both the Atlantic Ocean beyond and the magnificent grandeur of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. All five rooms have spectacular views of the natural wonders that make Cape Town a paradise in a class of its own. The villa comes fully equipped with a pool, study, barbeque and state-of-the-art kitchen.
Rooms with a view ... and yet another ...
At Wescamp, all rooms are treated like gems in more ways than one, each one inspired by a South African gemstone, with each distinctive theme executed in opulence and style.

The peridot room - the master bedroom is named after the gem of spirit and expression, characterized by lavish splashes of gold, pistachio and white.
The garnet room - the gem of light and guidance is known for its rich red, deep pink and light brown hues, which beautifully adorn this room.
The tanzanite room - a heavenly rhapsody in blue reflecting a rare gem that changes colours to uplift and open one's heart.
The citrine room - named after the gem of optimism and renewal, the room is sun-washed and bathed with the richness of yellow and copper.
The tiger's eye suite - a blaze with fiery orange and earthy African moods, truly reflecting the gem of passion and desire. Showcasing the best of Mediterranean elegance and African ambience, each room has easy access to these multi-faceted features that will surely add sparkle to your holiday:
• Cascading swimming pool
• Satellite TV in each room
• Office/study den - complete with computer, fax, internet access plus a mini TV entertainment centre.
• BBQ patio or “braai”
• State-of-the art kitchen.
• Full time butler/maid can be arranged.

Wescamp Villa, South Africa Wescamp Villa, South Africa Wescamp Villa, South Africa Wescamp Villa, South Africa

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