4x4 trails in Namibia

There several trails for 4x4 and off road driving enthusiasts in Namibia.

Isabis 4x4 Trail:
Located in the 40 000 ha catchment area of Gaub River (approximately 130 km from Windhoek) in the vicinity of the Gamsberg Mountain.
Duration: normally can be completed within one day. As this trail is not very challenging it is suitable for beginners. Own food, camping equipment, spare tyres and parts, firewood and transport must be arranged. See our car rental page for more details.
There is a camping site available with a toilets and a shower.
Only one group is allowed on the trail at the time with a maximum of 4 vehicles.
Directions: Drive from Windhoek on C26, turn left after 38 km towards Walvis Bay via Gamsberg, after another 74 km turn south on D1265 towards Nauchas, Rehoboth and Solitaire and another 15 km to the signposted turn to the farm.
Reservations should be made well in advance. For map please click here (93 KB).

Namib-Naukluft 4x4 Trail:
One of the most challenging and difficult 4x4 trails in the country.
Duration: at least two days (73 km). Own food, camping equipment, spare tyres and parts, firewood and transport must be arranged. After the first 28 km there is a camp consisting of four A-frame shelters with built-in bunk beds.
There are toilets, braai area, showers and water available at the camp. See our car rental page for more details.
There is also a camping site available with a toilets.
Group size: maximum four vehicles and 16 people.
Reservations should be made well in advance. Map.
Waterkloof day trail map: please click here (98 KB).

Kalahari 4x4 Trail:
The trail starts in South Africa and include parts of the Kalahari and Namib deserts, Fish River Canyon and Kolmanskop.
Own food, camping equipment, spare tyres and parts, firewood and transport must be arranged. See our car rental page for more details.

Omaruru River 4x4 Trail:
The length of this trail is 270 kilometres. From Henties Bay the trail goes to Spitzkoppe Mountain along D1918 road. The route carries further to Lewater and follows Omaruru River to Skoenklip, the rock named for resemblance to shoe. The trail is most interesting during the rainy season and the traveller must make sure that the river is dry before embarking on tour. Later the route passes the Omdel Dam (Omdel=Omaruru delta).

Messum Crater 4x4 Trail:
This trail (250 km) is following road C34 past Cape Cross and Lagunen mountain along the coast and then turns to north-east to the southern part of Messum Crater. The diameter of the crater is about 20 km. Attractions of the site include slat pan, rock painting site and ancient hut settlement. Later the trail joins Messum river and passes Messum river terraces. The return route follows D2303 until it joins C34 to Henties Bay.

Ugab Menhir 4x4 Trail:
The length of this trail is 312 kilometres. The route explores area south of Ugab River. The name given to the trail is the local name of a solitary rock near the banks of the Ugab river on the route meaning ''long stone''. The shipwreck Winston can be seen at Durissa Bay. The South African vessel (167 ton) was stranded here in 1970.

Brandberg West 4x4 Trail:
The total length of the trail is approximately 300 kilometres. The trail is following of the Ugab Menhir trail route but turns to Brandberg West mine. One of the interesting sites en route is the old tin mine which is deep open cast pit filled with emerald-coloured water. There are remnants of the office and living quarters buildings near by. The mountains along the route consist of mica schist deposited more than 700 million years ago. The colours are most stunning with blue, grey, yellow and light brown. There is a possibility to encounter black rhinos and desert elephants in the area.

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