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Coffee Shack is situated in the small village of Coffee Bay, with the beach right behind the camping section. Right from arrival, it is clear why Coffee Shack has a reputation as one of the best hostels in South Africa. The friendly staff look out for new arrivals and come out to meet them. A tour of the hostel follows, ending up in the bar, with a free welcome drink. The hostel can accommodate your wishes whether you want a calm, relaxing stay or a more lively one. Some rooms are available across the river, away from the main activity of the hostel, and allow for chilling out. Other rooms are in the main house, and there is a camping area for those with tents.

Inside the main building there is a sitting/information area next to the reception, with information booklets on activities in the area. There is also a notice board in the corridor with what's planned for the next day, with lists to sign up to join in. There is also a computer for internet access. The hostel organises plenty of activities, many of them free of charge, such as surfing lessons on the nearby beach with surf boards and wetsuits provided. While you relax on the beach after surfing, the staff make toasties on the beach for lunch. Hikes to the nearby 'Easi Falls' and 'hole in the wall' are also arranged every couple of days, and sunset drinks on the nearby hills happen most evenings. Food is served throughout the day, with the evening meal being served to everyone at one time, at the outdoor seating area, enhancing the communal atmosphere. Late meals can be arranged though.

The hostel has a lively bar, with a pool table which is the centre of most evenings events. The bar's walls and ceilings are covered with messages and signatures from previous travellers. It's easy to get talking to fellow backpackers during the killer pool games each night - but be careful while drinking as "Buffalo Rules" apply: no drinking with the right hand or the forfeit is downing your drink in one! It's hard not to have a great time in this bar! For a calmer evening, a fire is kept going in the centre of a stone circular area, great for chatting around.

Coffee Shack Backpackers East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa Coffee Shack Backpackers East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa Coffee Shack Backpackers East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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