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1922 historical railway bridge near Avis Dam: photo gallery

Historical 1922 railway Windhoek - Gobabis line bridge

The 100-year-old Avis bridge - connecting Namibia

Namibia's working landmark

One of Namibias most prominent bridges is the wrought-iron Avis railway bridge under which every visitor arriving from the airport must pass on his way to Windhoek city centre. Although the bridge may go unnoticed by present day traveller, in the 1920s the building of the railway from Windhoek to Gobabis and the construction of the Avis railway bridge on the outskirts of the city were country's milestone events.

YouTube video of Windhoek Railway Bridge:


1922 Railway bridge near Avis Dam in Windhoek, Namibia.

The bridge was completed in 1922 on Windhoek - Gobabis railway line, metal section brought from Cape Town. The bridge can be crossed by foot. It is built above B6 highway to Hosea Kutako International Airport, Gobabis and further to Botswana.

Before The Bridge

Up until then the journey to the eastern reaches of the country included a gruelling 20 km section undertaken by ox-wagons over the Auas Mountains and across the Klein Windhoek River. The terrain was so challenging that the oxen needed to outspan, quench their thirst and rest at the Kapps Farm before they could continue with their journey. Also referred to as an "ox-wagon hotel", the hotel at the Kapps Farm provided accommodation to the touleiers (team leaders), as did the next stop at Seeis further along the route. The hotels were dotted along the ox-wagon routes, a day apart from each other, providing rest and replenishment for both human and animal after the long days journey.

YouTube video of Windhoek Avis suburb:

Linking Namibia east to west

The construction of the first 27 km of railway line from Windhoek to Kapps Farm began on the 24th August 1921. The steel substructures for the 93 m bridge over the Klein Windhoek River were brought in from Cape Town and assembled on site, supported by four concrete pillars. The bridge was completed in 1922, making it a hundred years old this year.

Windhoek Railway Bridge, Avis Dam, B6 highway, Windhoek, Namibia - archive photo Windhoek Railway Bridge, Avis Dam, B6 highway, Windhoek, Namibia - archive photo Windhoek Railway Bridge, Avis Dam, B6 highway, Windhoek, Namibia - archive photo

It formed an important section of the Windhoek to Gobabis railway line that was built by the SAR - South African Railways, linking the cattle growing farming area of Namibia's east to the interior, and from there to South Africa. The railway line was completed in 1929. The infrastructure buildings and water points were completed over 1930. The official opening took place on 6 November 1930.

Windhoek Railway station (Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue)

Aerial photo gallery of Windhoek Railway Bridge, photos by Dronesberg:

Windhoek Railway Bridge, Avis Dam, B6 highway, Windhoek, Namibia Windhoek Railway Bridge, Avis Dam, B6 highway, Windhoek, Namibia Windhoek Railway Bridge, Avis Dam, B6 highway, Windhoek, Namibia


Part of country's railway system were first railway lines built at Cape Cross, at the Atlantic coast of Namibia - north of Swakopmund.

Currently Namibias railway network extends some 2700 km countrywide.

Video Windhoek & central region

Windhoek Railway Bridge is open to the public but caution should be exercised at all times to avoid any injuries.

Windhoek railway bridge and Avis Dam area is worth your visit if you are in Windhoek before or after a self-drive tour around Namibia and like hiking.






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