Check list for travellers

This list is designed for outdoor adventurous travellers, backpackers and campers to Namibia.

Before going on holidays
* Arrange for a pets and plants
* Turn off water, geysers and electrical appliances
* Leave your keys with a friend
* Advise the police
Personal goods
* Personal medication
* First aid kit (bandages, plasters, snake bit kit, etc.)
* Towel
* Mosquito repellent
* Matches, lighters and candles
* Torch
* Batteries
* Toiletries
* Malaria pills
* Emergency blankets
* Notebooks, pens, stationery
* Guide books
* Binoculars
* Sunglasses, sunblock cream
* Compass
* Permits
* Cameras
* Maps
* Sewing kit
* Rain gear
* Underwear
* Swimming costume
* Jeans
* Extra socks
* Sun hat
* Spare shoes (hiking boots)


Personal documents
* Passport or ID
* Tickets
* Driving licence
* Credit cards, cheque book
* Tent
* Axe
* Rope
* Backpack
* Fire extinguisher
* Knife
* Tools
* Kettle, coffee pot, frying pan
* Tin opener
* Cutlery
* Fire wood
* Table, folding chairs
* Garbage plastic bags
* Mugs, plates
* Vacuum flask
Basic foods
* Bacon, eggs
* Bread, butter
* Tea, coffee
* Rice
* Sugar, salt
* Fresh fruits
* Fresh meat
* Air mattresses
* Sleeping bag
* Mosquito nets
* Blankets

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