Ohakane Lodge: Safaris in Kaokoland
Safaris start from and end in Opuwo.
Minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 participants. Minimum of 5 days.
Prices (per person per day)
On request
What is included
Three meals a day, all camping equipment, one guide, one chef, one to two Himba guides, all light beverages and wine.
The tour programs vary according to requirements of every particular group. If you like to see scenery and people - you are going north, Ruacana, Swartbooisdrift, Epupa, Otjihende, Van Zijls Pass, Marienfluss, Hartmann Valley, the river valleys south of that down to the Hoarusib, Ondjuva Plains, Otjihaa, Etanga, Orupembe, Kaoko Otavi. To the south Kaoko Otavi, Orupembe, Purros, Sechomib, Khumib, Hoarusib, Hoanib, Warmquelle, Amspoort and then if you like further south to Damaraland; Twyfelfontein, Brandberg etc.
When camping, there are at least two vehicles, with drivers and translators. The operator is in contact with the lodge via radio. Comfortable tents, camping beds and bedrolls are provided, all cooking is done (no tinned food, only good real food), food and beverages are all included in the price.
If there is a smaller group the special quotation is worked out.
The operator starts driving after breakfast, with a variety of stops throughout the day, stopping to camp again at about 16h00, before it starts to get too dark.
Please send us your food requirements and inform about any health problems.
Safari sample: A
Day one. Driving to the Epupa Falls and spending time time with the Ovahimba people en route to the Falls. Camping at the Epupa Falls.
Day two. Driving via Opuwo to Etenga.
Day three. Driving to Otjinungua, at the northern end of the Marienfluss. Depending on the condition of the road through Van Zyl's pass, either drive over the Van Zyl's pass, or drive to Otjihaa, and drive via the Onjuva plains past Rooidrom and into the Marienfluss.
Day four. Reversing the route of the previous day, at Rooidrom taking the route to the west and drive down towards Orupembe. Camp in a convenient dry river bed.
Day five. Driving from Orupembe to Ongongo.
If you wish to include the Hartmann's valley, please add two days to this trip.
Safari sample: B
Day one. Drive along the road to Etanga, camp somewhere alongside the road to Otjihaa. During this day spend a lot of time with the Ovahimba people.
Day two. Continue journey down towards Orupembe, then drive along the Khumib riverbed. At a point along this route, drive through absolutely breathtaking mountain passes through the Etendeka Mountains to the Hoarusib riverbed. Continue along the Hoarusib down to Purros, and spend the night somewhere in the Hoarusib canyon.
Day three. Drive southwards towards the Hoanib riverbed. Camp in the riverbed, and on this and the next day will try to get a glimpse of the desert elephant who frequent this area. This area is also hosting springbok, Oryx and giraffes.
Day four. Leave the camp and spend the day driving along the riverbed looking for the elephants. Return to camp early to give everybody time to rest.
Day five. This day is spent driving first along the Hoanib, and then along the Ganamub River towards Ganamub and towards Sesfontein. Stop briefly at the old German fort. Camp at the Warmquelle/Ongongo campsite.

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