Tours to the Atlantic Coast of Namibia

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Cape fur seal at the Cape Cross


Accommodation in the area:

If you are tired of the heat of the interior these tours are for you: variety of activities, sightseeing and adventure.
Code A01. Tour to Swakopmund, one day program
This tour, that commences in Windhoek is the tour to Namibia's premier holiday town that was founded in 1892 as a port to provide access to and from the interior of  German South-West Africa. Different examples of German architecture can be seen during this tour:  fine buildings and memorials of the beginning  of the century, steam engine Martin Luther, lighthouse, Marine memorial, old railway  station, Woermann House, JettyHohenzollern House, Swakopmund prison. You will visit aquarium, Swakopmund museum, karakul factory and famous Hansa Brewery that produces the best beer in the world - Tafel Lager.
Duration of the tour is full day.

YouTube video quad bike & other adventure tours:


Code A02. Tour to Swakopmund, two days program
The program of the first day is the program of the tour A01. After a breakfast on the next day we visit Moon Landscape and Welwitschia Mirabilis. On request camel rides can be included in the second day program. Optional: excursion to horse graves.
Code A03. Tour to Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, one day program
This is the tour that combines Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, main Namibian deep sea harbour that was reintroduced to Namibia in 1994. Original name of the bay given by Portuguese explorers  was Golfo di Baleia, translated as  "bay of whales". You will visit  Walvis Bay lagoon with  it's flamingos and  pelicans and Dune 7, the highest in the area. Duration of the tour is full day.
Code A04. Tour to Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, two days program
The program of the first day is  the program of the tour A03. After a breakfast on the next day  we
start from  your hotel in Swakopmund to Moon landscape and Welwitschia mirabilis. On request camel rides can be included in the second day program.
Code A05. Tour to Swakopmund and Cape Cross Seal Reservecapecross.JPG (9076 bytes)
After Swakopmund excursion we proceed to Cape Cross seal colony which is situated about 100 km north of Swakopmund. Cape Cross was named after first European, Diego Cao erected here a limestone cross (padrao) in 1486. This is  the home for about 80 000 to 100 000 Cape fur seals. Duration of the tour is two days.
More information on Cape Cross
Code A06. Motorbike Riding tour
Huge sand dunes between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay give life to a new type of activity - dune motorbike riding. No previous experience required. Duration of the tour is full day or two days.
Other coastal tours
Kuiseb delta. This tour focuses on archaeological and anthropological discoveries of the last several years. You will take a closer look at the unique geology and ecology of the delta.
Sandwich Harbour. You will head south via major Namibian harbour  Walvis Bay, salt pans and Kuiseb delta. Sandwich Harbour is unique freshwater lagoon which played an important role in whaling history in Namibia. Nowadays it is protected bird sanctuary and marine reserve.
Please note:  all tours' itineraries and duration can  be changed and combined with other tours or included in a programs of a longer tours and safaris

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