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There are few places in Africa that are as wild as the Khaudum in north-eastern Kavango. For the intrepid and experienced 4X4 driver, or the person who enters the park on a day trip with an experienced operator, the park shows the side of Africa that is still untamed. Elephants, lions, hyenas, buck and good birdwatching are just some of the thrills on the rough roads that lie ahead.

Entry into the park is subject to rules established by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The rules are designed to protect both the traveller, other travellers and the wildlife and environment. Travellers entering the park sign an entry permit with agreement to adhere to a clearly stated set of rules, some of which are extracted and commented upon below. Travellers should be advised to carefully read the rules on the entry permit in their entirety. Contravention of the rules may result in injury, damage to wildlife and the environment, a fine and / or being ordered to leave the park.

* The Park must be entered by at least two 4 X 4 off road vehicles per party
Comment: Due to the difficulty of the roads and no facilities such as petrol stations or vehicle repair in or near the park it is required to enter the park with two 4x4 vehicles to ensure that support in case of getting stuck or vehicle problems is at hand.

YouTube video of Bushmen Living Museum:


* Minimum 100 liters of water per vehicle and 3 days of food per person
Comment: As there are no supplies available in or near the park travellers are required to be self sufficient. Water may be available at the camps, but can not be guaranteed. It is important to bring plenty of water along for drinking and washing. It is safest to be completely self-sufficient.

* Camping is only allowed at Sikereti Camp and Khaudum Camp
Comment: For the safety of the traveller, the wildlife and the environment, there is no camping allowed at any of the waterholes or anywhere else in the park, except the camps.

* No collection of firewood is permitted within the park
Comment: Firewood should be available at the camps, but is not guaranteed, and travellers are not allowed to collect firewood inside the park. Travelers must bring their own firewood.

* Trailers should not be taken into the park
Comment: The road conditions are extremely rugged and difficult, so towing a trailer, not specifically designed and built for Khaudum conditions and the specific vehicle towing it, may very likely result in damage to and breakdown of the vehicle.

* No pets are allowed.
Comment: this rule is primarily directed at Namibians, but also at anyone else traveling with pets. Pets may injure and / or kill wildlife, and they may bring diseases into the park.


* Challenging off road driving
* Adventure
* Truly wild environment
* Wildlife such as elephants, lions and roan antelope.
* The only park in Namibia were African wild dogs are found. Sightings are rare.

Environment & scenery

* Vegetation in the Khaudum Game Park consists mainly of woodland savannah with extremely dense bush. The dense bush makes viewing of game challenging, and sightings are rare during the rainy season.
* Trees such as Wild Syringa, False Mopane, Zambezi Teak, Transvaal Teak and Purple Terminalia are characteristic of the area.
* The north of the park is characterised by the soft sand of the Kalahari basin, while the south is bedrock areas of quartzite alternated with shallow, sandy soils.


The Khaudum is rich in wildlife, however due to the dense bush much of it is difficult to see. Hides have been placed at several waterholes to make game viewing easier and safer.
* The more common mammal species include kudu, Oryx, giraffe, and elephants.
* The park is known for the Sable antelope, Roan antelope and the tsessebe. Sightings are rare.
* It is also the only park in Namibia were African wild dogs are found. Sightings are rare.
* Predators such as lions, leopards and spotted hyena are common. Lions, are often heard, not seen.

Note: Wildlife is not used to humans and can either be extremely elusive or aggressive. Please read the guidelines on


* The convoy system of a minimum of two 4X4 vehicles with high ground clearance should be used, so that if there is a problem, one vehicle can be used to get help.
* Each vehicle should carry a minimum of 100 liters of water, food for 3 days, a minimum of 40 liters of extra diesel or 60 litres of extra petrol.
* Driving through sand consumes a large amount of fuel. This may increase depending on the amount of driving done in the park.
* Trailers should not be taken into the park.
* Drivers should be able to perform basic repairs and have the tools to do so.
* A minimum of two spare tyres, a hi-lift jack, a square wood board for under the jack, a shovel, mats, spare fan belts and a working winch must be carried on each vehicle.
* A net or fine wire mesh spanned over the grill is recommended to prevent grass seeds clogging up the radiator. Also check regularly for grass build-up.

Routes to and from

To enter the Khaudum Game Park from the south (Sikereti Camp)
* Tsumkwe

To enter the Khaudum Game Park from the north (Khaudum Camp)
* Popa Falls

Note: Although it is only 55km from the B8 turn off to Khaudum Camp, this section of road is extremely sandy and travellers should plan for a trip of about 4 hours to cover these 55 km.

Road directions

To enter the Khaudum Game Park from the south (Sikereti Camp)

From Tsumkwe to Sikereti is approx. 50 km
* From Tsumkwe drive north on the D3315 and D3303 to Sikereti
The entire trip is on extremely bad sandy road.

To enter the Khaudum Game Park from the north (Khaudum Camp)

Popa Falls
From Popa Falls to Khaudum Camp is approx. 141 km
* From Popa Falls take the C48 north to the B8 turn off (approx. 6 km)
* Turn left into the B8 and drive to the Khaudum turn off (approx. 80 km)
* Turn right into the deep sandy road and follow it to the Khaudum Camp (approx. 55 km)
The C48 is gravel, the B8 is tar road and the road to Khaudum Camp is extremely deep sand.

Note: Although it is only 55km from the B8 turn off to Khaudum Camp, this section of road is extremely sandy and travellers should plan for a trip of about 4 hours to cover these 55 km.


There is no airstip in the Khaudum Game Park.
* The closest airstip in the south of the park is the Tsumkwe Airstrip
* The closest airstrip in the north of the park is the Bagani Airstrip

Bagani Airstrip (FYBG)
South: 18 degrees 07 06
East: 21 degrees 37 47"
Elevation: 3,000 feet
Length: 900 meter
Width: 25 meter
Surface: Gravel
Direction: 08/26

Weather & seasons

Rains fall in the Khaudum between December and March. During this time the park roads become extremely muddy, and driving becomes extremely difficult. During winter (May to September), the park is extremely cold with average night temperatures at approximately 7 degrees Celsius. During summer, the temperature is extremely hot with temperatures rising to 40 degrees Celsius.

Khaudum length of stay

Two nights, with camping at Khaudum Camp and Sikereti Camp. However bear in mind that if the traveller does get stuck, this may be extended to three or four nights, depending on when a car comes by to assist.


Other than two campsites, Khaudum Camp and Sikereti Camp, there are no facilities within the Park.
* NO petrol station
* NO shops

Note: Water and wood may be available at the 2 camps, but this is not guaranteed, and travellers should be entirely self-sufficient before entering the park.

Usage and entrance fees per day (payable on arrival or pre-booked): click here

Rates camping sites: on request

Without power points Rate per person per night
Max 6 persons per site -

Open throughout the year. Visitors have to cater for themselves and must provide their own bedding, food, equipment, water and fire wood for at least three days.
The gates are open from sunrise to sunset.
Only four-wheel-drive vehicles allowed - a minimum of two vehicles per group.
Neither kiosk nor fuel available - closest fuel station at Tsumkwe,
Divundu, Mukwe or Rundu.
No caravans, trailers, motorcycles and pets allowed.
Can be booked in advance only!


This camping site is located near Tsumkwe (approximately 65 km) at the southern end of Khaudum Park.

Rates camping sites: on request

Without power points Rate per person per night
Max 6 persons per site -


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