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If you're planning a trip to Namibia or just want to do something different, N/aan ku sê Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place.

You can relax and enjoy the tranquil environment at the Lodge or Guesthouse, get your hands dirty in hosts' wildlife, research and medical volunteering programs or use N/aan ku sê as a stunning backdrop for film and photography. You can also hire a car to explore the rest of Namibia.

Whatever you decide, visit N/aan ku sê for a truly unique experience and help make a difference in conservation. All profits from activities go directly to benefit hosts' work with wildlife conservation, Lifeline Clinic in Epukiro and the people from the Bushman community employees at the lodge.

Marlice van Vuuren, one of Namibia's most well known conservationist, together with her husband Dr. Rudie van Vuuren and their pharmacist friend Chris Heunis started N/aan ku sê Lodge & Wildlife Sanctuary in 2007. N/aan ku sê is committed to playing a key role in conservation and the protection of the Namibian wildlife, land and people.

The sanctuary accommodates mostly orphaned and injured animals that cannot be released back into the wild. Several additional projects are also taking place including Carnivore Conservation Research Project, our Bushman School and the Lifeline Clinic at Epukiro.

Through each of the projects, N/aan ku sê provides an important source of employment and accommodation to several Bushmen families. One of the key aims is to improve the lives of these historic tribes people through education, healthcare and improved living conditions and hosts currently employ over 20 Bushmen families.

Naankuse Lodge Windhoek, Namibia Naankuse Lodge Windhoek, Namibia Naankuse Lodge Windhoek, Namibia

The Lodge

Located just a twenty minute drive from Windhoek International airport and nestled in the stunning African veld, the Lodge is perfectly situated to start or finish your trip to Namibia. With a range of enjoyable activities available, including exciting carnivore feeding tours, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable African holiday.

Choose Eco-Volunteer Conservation Safari and combine a few days of luxury at N/aan ku sê Lodge with the unique hands on opportunity to take part in the conservation of threatened African wildlife and vulnerable communities. As well as helping to feed and care for the animals at the N/aan ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary you will also visit the spectacular NamibRand Nature reserve and track wild big cats through stunning landscapes.

The Lodge is crafted from ecologically clean material including solid logs and glass to complement N/aan ku sês beautiful wilderness setting. Guests will find six luxurious, individual chalets and a tranquil dining area with stunning views, bar and swimming pool. There are also five beautifully appointed and fully equipped holiday houses available for hire. The Lodge provides a breathtaking backdrop for weddings and conferences.

Rates per person per night: on request

Dinner, bed and breakfast/full board
Single/double/twin -
- -
Activities per person/per child 0-11 years old
Full Carnivore Feeding Tour (Lion, Cheetah, Baboons, Wild Dog, Leopard, Caracal), no children allowed -
Carnivore Feeding Tour 1 (Lion, Cheetah, Baboons) -
Carnivore Feeding Tour 2 (Wild Dog, Leopard, Caracal) -
Behind the Scenes with Marlice, max 4 persons -
Cheetah Up Close and Personal, max 5 persons -
Guided Bird Watching Walk ending at Vulture Restaurant -
Stargazing Experience with Drinks and Snacks -


Great year for wildlife rescue
The Namibian

N/AAN KU SÊ Foundation, a not-for profit organisation committed to the conservation of the wildlife and the people of Namibia, has celebrated its most successful year so far in terms of achieving its goals.

Our vision is an Africa where humans and wildlife can live and thrive together, says Rudie Van Vuuren, founder and managing director of N/aan ku sê Foundation together with his wife, Marlice Van Vuuren.
Our mission is to conserve the land, cultures and wildlife of Namibia and rescue species threatened by an ever-shrinking habitat and with your help we are making our dream a reality. In 2011 your support helped us achieve real change in the lives of the people and wildlife of Namibia.
During 2011, N/aan ku sê Foundation rescued, rehabilitated and re-released five cheetahs, two leopards, one brown hyena, two caracals and one serval back into the wild where they belong.
In June, N/aan ku sê realized its biggest translocation project ever and one of the biggest in Namibia, relocating and releasing eight cats (seven cheetahs and one leopard) at once.
In October, N/aan ku sê released its 40th collared carnivore, which is now being tracked in order to provide on-going research evidence to ensure the future of the conservation model.
In N/aan ku sês wildlife sanctuary, the organisation provides a safe home to lions, wild dogs, cheetahs, leopards, baboons and caracals,. as well as lots of farmyard animals.
Activities last year included health care for a number of animals such as a wild leopard and the baboon Rafiki, as well as the rescue of 12 cheetahs and one baboon who otherwise may not have survived.
The 13 wild-dog pups that N/aan ku sê rescued in June 2010 grew up strong and healthy and ongoing research is being performed by N/aan ku sê s qualified researchers in conjunction with international experts in order to ensure a brighter future for this highly endangered species.
N/aan ku sês Clever Cubs School gave free pre-school education to 30 San Bushman toddlers and supported 13 children in their studies at mainstream schools.
Three children graduated from pre-primary school. Without the education they receive at Clever Cubs, these children would stand little chance of gaining entry into a mainstream school and consequently receive no further education or qualifications in order for them to gain employment when they are older.
N/aan ku sês Lifeline Clinic in the Epukiro area of the Omaheke Region provided free primary healthcare to over 3 500 San Bushman. About 40% of its patients were children and babies.
The San live in extreme poverty and many suffer from malnutrition, disease, discrimination and abuse. N/aan ku sê is committed to improving the lives of the San community through education, healthcare and better living conditions. Providing free and accessible primary healthcare to this community really is a lifeline to many.
N/aan ku sê Lodge is the only charity lodge in Namibia, meaning that all profits from the lodge are invested back into charitable projects, enabling the N/ aan ku sê Foundation to grow and become even more successful in achieving our vision of an Africa where humans and wildlife can live and thrive together, and conserving the land, cultures and wildlife of Namibia.





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