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Nunda Safari Lodge, situated in the Caprivi Strip in the north of Namibia, is an experience you will seldom encounter on the African continent.
The Caprivi, a narrow strip of land in the far North East of Namibia, is approximately 400 km long bordering Angola, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The Caprivi is also incorporated into the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area.  GPS: S 18º 07.032 E 21º 35.905, Airstrip GPS: S 18º 07.0 E 21º 37.5. It falls within the tropical climate zone and receives the highest rainfall figures in Namibia, mainly between December and March. Major rivers such as the Kavango, Kwando and Zambezi flow through this region, originating from the catchment areas in Angola and Zambia.
The mouth of the Okavango Delta, known as the Panhandle, is situated in the Caprivi region and lends itself to a magical journey of culture, birds, mammals and flora.
Nunda, the local Thimbukushu name given to the fruit of the Jackalberry tree, is situated on the Kavango River in the land of the proud Hambukushu people. They are ruled by their Fumu (King) and largely maintain their traditional way of life. Two kilometres west of the Lodge lies one of the scenic highlights of Western Caprivi, the Popa Falls. More rapids than falls, the Kavango River breaks through a four meter high rocky intrusion amidst islands dotted with pristine forests surrounded by aquatic vegetation.
Nunda Safaris Lodge is centrally situated as a destination in itself or spending at least two days or more exploring the region before travelling on to the Okavango Delta, East Caprivi, Zambia or Victoria Falls.

Nunda Safari Lodge Divundu, Namibia Nunda Safari Lodge Divundu, Namibia Nunda Safari Lodge Divundu, Namibia
Nunda Safari Lodge Divundu, Namibia Nunda Safari Lodge Divundu, Namibia Nunda Safari Lodge Divundu, Namibia

Rates per night: on request

Luxury tents

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Luxury bungalows

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Activities per person

Morning boat cruise, after breakfast or sundowner, 1-1.5 hours
Sundowner boat cruise, after breakfast or sundowner, 1-1.5 hours
Fishing trip, fuel and guide inclusive, max 3 persons, per hour
Game drive Mahangu Park, minimum 2 persons, 2.5-3 hours
Game drive Buffalo, minimum 2 persons, 3-3.5 hours

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