Omatako Valley Rest Camp

Omatako Valley Rest Camp: a unique Namibian experienceOmatako Valley Rest Camp, Namibia: camping area

Where else on the planet Earth can you drive across one of the most stunning deserts by day and be sung to sleep in one of the world's most ancient and unique languages by night under a star crammed sky without e-mails, phones or even a postal service? Omatako Valley Rest Camp is such a place.

On arrival it appears unassuming but don't pass by - take the time to stop here for a night or two and experience this unique community run campsite in the heart of the Kalahari wilderness where you can witness one of the oldest cultures on earth and see how the community are facing the challenges of the 21st Century.

Omatako Valley Rest Camp offers a very honest and poignant insight into their life and your stay benefits them directly. You will be warmly greeted by all and guided by Christian whose sensitive approach will enrich your trip. You won't forget your visit no matter how short. It may transform you.

Facilities and activities

A variety of spacious camp sites on sand under shady trees, each with braai areas, table, water taps and sinks.
Open-roofed ablution blocks with flush toilets, sinks, showers and solar powered pump.
Craft shop selling handmade items.
Information and English-speaking guides.
A range of activities: village tours, bush walks, an evening of traditional songs and dances.
Wood for your braai is available for sale.


Halfway between Grootfontein and Tsumkwe on the C 44 gravel road.

How to get there from Grootfontein:

Take the B 8 main road from Grootfontein towards Rundu; 55 km north of Grootfontein you turn onto the C 44 gravel road to Tsumkwe. Continue for 100 km until you reach the veterinary fence and checkpoint. From there it is another 11 km; Omatako Valley Rest Camp is on your right. The road is suitable for any type of vehicle.

How to get there from Botswana:

If you are an experienced 4x4 driver and have a fully equipped 4x4 then you can take the road across the Kalahari from Botswana at Nokaneng (NB in the rainy season this road has many challenging potentially impassible sections after 'Trouble Tree' up to the Dobe Border Crossing so ensure you have everything you require to get yourself out if stuck, and to camp, communications such as mobiles may be out of range - so travel in convoy if possible) to the border crossing at Dobe then continue past Tsumkwe on the C 44 until you find the turn off on the left for Omatako (road D3307), then take the immediate first left into Omatako Valley Rest Camp by the community water pump and two small rest huts (Omatako is 22km further down the D3307 (note the border crossing at Dobe closes at 6pm).Omatako Valley Rest Camp, Namibia: tour to rock paintings

Communications: None.

When staying at the Omatako Rest Camp you can choose to go on a guided village tour. This walk takes a few hours and you will be guided throughout your visit to members of the community.

People live in houses based around family (including extended family) units and practice very small scale agriculture.

How you can help
The best way to help us is to come and stay at the Omatako Valley Rest Camp. The fees you pay directly benefit the community.

Meeting the people helps them to share their stories and to make contact with people from around the world. Working for the Camp is part of an active and positive way in which to preserve and adapt this ancient way of life to the challenges of the 21st Century.


Otjozondjupa Region


Half way between Grootfontein and Tsumkwe on C44 road. Turn right off the main B8 road 55 km north of Grootfontein onto C44. After 111 km you will find a camp on your right hand side.


Camping sites with barbecue areas (grills are not provided), water taps, hot showers and flushing toilets in an ablution block. Craft shop and cool drinks on request.


Guided bush walks with bushmen, horse riding, dancing and traditional music.

Other nearby attractions:

Nyae Nyae Conservancy, Kaudom National Park (3 hours).

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Booking fee is applicable (once-off).

Contact & reservations:

Terms & conditions, Payment options and Cancellation policy

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