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Rates: on request

Group Code Acris Code Vehicle Make Doors Air Con  Power Steering Auto Radio/CD Rates Standard or Super Liability
1-6 Days 7-13 Days 14-30 Days
P EDMN VW Chico or similar  5       - - - -
B CDMR Toyota Yaris T3 or similar  4/5   - - - -
C ICMR Toyota Corolla or similar  4/5   - - - -
D IDAR Toyota Yaris T3 or similar 4/5 - - - -
G PDAR Mercedes C class or similar 4 - - - -
S SFMR 4X4 NIssan Single Cab or similar 2 - - - -
L FFMR 4X4 NIssan Double Cab or similar 4   - - - -
K SWMR Nissan X-Trail 2x4 or similar  5   - - - -
N LVMR VW Combi or similar 5   - - - -

The above rates include:

Standard Rates include TLW, CDW and PAI
Super Rates include STLW, SCDW and PAI
Stamp Duty
Europ Assist
Tourism levy
Airport surcharge
Inbound Guide and Travellers booklet
Maps and Driving Directions

The above rates exclude:

Rental Deposit plus excess for standard cover
Contract Fee
Stamp duty
Additional Driver per driver per rental
Young Driver Surcharge (18-20) per day
Baby seat and Booster Seat per rental
Claim Handling Fee per occurrence
Please refer to one way fee matrix for deliveries in outlying areas
One way fees within Namibia
One Way Cross Border Fee to Botswana, Gaborone
One Way Cross Border Fee to Francistown and Maun
One Way Cross Border Fee to Kasane
One Way Cross Border Fee to SA, Swaziland and Lesotho
Cross Border Authorization letter
Water, Sand and Undercarriage Damage
Towing Charges (If not mechanical)
Tyre and Windscreen Waiver per day
Fine Handling fee

R = Radio
M = Manual
A = Automatic
AC = Air-conditioner
PS = Power steering
Minimum rental period: The daily rates are calculated in 24-hour cycles, from the time of pick-up to the time of drop-off. Renters will be charged for additional days on the extension rate should a vehicle be returned late.
All vehicles are not older than 9 months.

The daily rates are calculated in 24-hour cycles from time of pick up to time of drop off.
Rates are quoted in Namibian Dollars and inclusive of taxes. These taxes may be changed without prior notice in accordance with government legislation. Should the tax rate change, the rates will be recalculated accordingly

Useful information/extra charges

General Conditions
The full standard rental conditions are listed on the back of the Rental Agreement.
Extending Your Rental Period
To extend your rental period, please advise your Budget agent failing which your insurance cover will lapse.
Cross Border Rentals
If you intend to drive into South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho or Botswana in your Budget vehicle, please contact us for a letter of authorisation.
Note: Please note that cross border rentals are not allowed into Mozambique, Angola, Zambia or Malawi.
Only vehicle groups S and A may cross the border into Zimbabwe. A letter of authorisation is required from Budget Rent a Car and conditions will apply.
Termination of Rental
Please allow at least 15 minutes to return the vehicle and to settle final charges.
Please ensure that the keys are handed to Budget personnel only, preferably someone inside the Budget rental location.
Accident and Emergency Procedures
Secure emergency assistance: If you or the occupants of your vehicle require medical attention, contact Medical Rescue immediately on the relevant number below:
Medical Rescue South Africa 0800 115 767
Medical Rescue Namibia 061 230 505
Medical Rescue Botswana 301 601
For your convenience and safety, these telephone numbers are also recorded:
On the license disc on the inside of the windscreen
On a sticker on the right side of the driver-s window
On any Budget Map
On the key ring tag
In the event of an accident, please note the following:
Once you have received medical attention, please report the accident to your nearest Budget rental agent who will give you a step by step guide to the emergency procedure. Please do not allow the vehicle to be towed away without consent from the Budget agent.
For quick and easy assistance, please have the following information available:
The registration of the vehicle (which is also on the key ring)
The position or location of the vehicle. Where possible, please provide street names and easily visible landmarks. Should you feel uncomfortable about divulging personal information in the event of an accident, please note you are not obliged to do so. All you need supply the relevant parties involved is the fact that the car is rented from Budget Rent a Car, and your rental agreement number. Only the police and Budget need know personal information.
Complete the accident claim form:
Each information pack received at the time of rental contains a form, which should be filled out and delivered to your Budget agent as soon after the accident as possible.
Please take note of the following:
Remember to make a note of the particulars of any other parties involved in the accident If repairs are necessary, please obtain prior authorisation from Budget. The accident must be reported to the nearest Police Station within 24 hours.
Safety Precautions
Keep vehicle doors locked at all times.
Do not leave luggage or valuables visible in the vehicle.
Remove all belongings from the vehicle overnight and secure them in your hotel.
Never hand keys to hotel personnel or leave them at hotel reception desks.
Please do not allow hotel staff to park your vehicle.
Do not leave your keys in your hotel room; keep the keys on you at all times.
Do not give lifts to strangers or hitchhikers.
Driving Guidelines in Namibia and South Africa
We drive on the left hand side of the road and overtake on the right.
Traffic police use cameras and radar to enforce speed control. Speeding fines are substantial and will be debited to your account.
The legal blood \ alcohol level for drivers is 0.05 (0.05mg alcohol to 100ml blood). Substantial fines and prison sentences are imposed for driving a vehicle while exceeding this limit.
All vehicle occupants are required to wear safety belts at all times. Fines are imposed for non compliance. 
Road signs are similar to the European system. Please refer to the traffic signs given on the inside back cover of the "Useful Information" brochure which you will be given at the time of rental.
Drivers are required by law to carry their drivers license with them at all times while driving.
Fuel (Gasoline) and Tyre Pressure
Most fuel filling stations in cities, major towns and along National roads (N routes) are open 24 hours. Those in rural areas are likely to close at 18h00 and re open at 08h00.
Unleaded fuel is available in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana and is the preferred fuel for all Budget vehicles. In South Africa, fuel may be purchased only in South African Rands and in Namibia, only in Namibian Dollars. Likewise, in Botswana, fuel may only be purchased in Botswana Pula. Bank credit cards are not accepted at fuel filling stations.
The recommended fuel grade and tyre pressure for your vehicle are specified in one of the following places in your vehicle:
On a sticker on the inside of the driver-s door.
In the vehicle manual guide, situated in the glove compartment.
On a sticker on the inside of the fuel cap.
VAT (Value Added Tax)
VAT is levied on most goods and services at a rate of 14% (SA) and 15% (Namibia). Retailers and service providers are required to state explicitly whether VAT is excluded or included in their display or quoted prices.
You are entitled to a refund of any VAT paid on goods purchased when leaving Namibia and South Africa, provided that:
You are a visitor and not a resident in Namibia and South Africa;
You possess a valid passport with a valid visa if required;
Your purchased the goods in Namibia and South Africa and are taking them out of the country;
The value of the goods exceeds R250.00; and
You can provide proof of purchase and the amount of VAT paid. Remember to keep all till slips and invoices.
You can claim a VAT refund at major international departure points:
Windhoek International Airport
Johannesburg International Airport
Durban International Airport 
Cape Town International Airport. 
Banking Hours:
Weekdays 09h00 - 15h30 
Saturdays 08h30 - 11h00 
All major banks operate Automatic Teller Machines (ATM-s) at all cities, most towns, most airports and some fuel (gasoline) filling stations. 
Most ATM-s operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most ATM-s are interlinked, so you can use an ATM belonging to any bank. However, the service fee is usually higher if you use an ATM belonging to another bank. Take care never to reveal your pin number or personal code to anyone under any circumstances.
Gratuities\Service Charges
Gratuities are not included in bills. The standard gratuity is 10% of the total bill. You need only give gratuities if you are satisfied with the service provided. Please be advised that Budget staff do not expect any gratuities as we are a service company.
Business Hours for Shops and Stores
Typical retail hours are:
Weekdays 09h00 - 17h00 
Saturdays 09h00 - 13h00

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Final availability confirmation: in writing: by fax or via e-mail.

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