1934 Hudson Terraplane wreck
Klein Aus Vista
Southern Namibia

Accommodation Namibia - Southern Region

Bullet-ridden Hudson Terraplane 1934 car wreck remains can be seen near Klein Aus Vista's Geisterschlucht Cabin in southern Namibia, just off main tar road between Keetmanshoop and Luderitz. Hudson is a relic of a gunfight between diamond smugglers and South-West Africa police force.

Hudson Terraplane 1934 car wreck | Klein Aus Vista | Namibia Hudson Terraplane 1934 car wreck | Klein Aus Vista | Namibia Hudson Terraplane 1934 car wreck | Klein Aus Vista | Namibia

Thieves were killed during skirmish but smuggled diamonds were never found. Dead smugglers' ghosts are rumoured to roam the valley during the night in search of their lost diamonds stash. There are some stone ramparts further along the walking trail visible dating back from World War I period (1914-1918). Here the German forces built fortifications in the Aus rocky hills to make a stand against the invading South African Union forces.

Hudson Terraplane 1934 car wreck | Klein Aus Vista | Namibia
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This rustic "Ghost Canyon" cabin, located 6 km from Desert Horse Inn, offers simplistic while exclusive accommodation as it tucked away in a secluded valley, where a rusty bullet-ridden Hudson Terraplane 1934 wreck greets you at the entrance road.

According to other rumours the real story is much simpler: the last owner of the car got so angry when it stopped moving once again that he decided to use a gun to put it out of its misery.
The rumour is interesting but number of bullet holes is suggest a lot of shooting for a pistol and one fist of rage, owner must had a submachine gun.

Hudson have been out there for more than 70 years but still looks surprisingly intact, all the paint is gone, but some of the chrome and nickel parts still look amazingly good.

Hudson Terraplane 1934 car wreck | Klein Aus Vista | Namibia Hudson Terraplane 1934 car wreck | Klein Aus Vista | Namibia Hudson Terraplane 1934 car wreck | Klein Aus Vista | Namibia

Обломки Хадсона Терраплана 1934 года находятся на территории отеля Кляйн Аус Виста Лодж на юге Намибии, недалеко от главной дороги между городами Китмансхуп и Людериц. Развалина является свидетелем перестрелки между контрабандистами алмазами и полицией. Воры были убиты во время перестрелки, но
украденные алмазы так и не были найдены. Ходят слухи, что призраки мертвых контрабандистов бродят по окрестным холмам по ночам в поиске потерянных алмазов. Недалеко находятся несколько каменных укреплений времен Первой мировой войны (1914-18) когда немецкие колониальные войска готовились к обороне против сил Южно-Африканского Союза.

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