The main Namibia's highway B1 south from Rehoboth passes through the ranching land of the Baster community, before reaching the village of Kalkrand with its Shell garage, bottle store and takeaway stand, small clinic and about 10 houses. About 20 km north of the Kalkrand, at the Duineveld Crossroads (Blokwater area, GPS: -23.94187 17.483065), there is number of roadside stalls where springbok skin rugs are sold by locals from Duineveld. The skins themselves are bought from commercial farmers and then stitched together and lined with karakul fur before being sold. The sale of these rugs plays an important role in the economy of the village. “Kalk” means lime or calcium and “Kalkrand” means lime ridge.


We met Eldro, one-legged man with a prosthesis, selling skins - mainly springbok and mats made from springbok, cow and wildebeest skins and wool to support himself and his family. He has to walk daily five kilometers from Duineveld settlement to B1 road and 5 km back to sell skins to support his family. The community purchases the skins from the farmers (“boere” in Afrikaans), tan and stitch it and prepares it for sale in a community tannery. The prices are very low comparing to many shops and markets in Namibia.

Eldro's cell: +264 818 641904, he is from Duineveld settlement. His padstall (makeshift shop) is about 20 km north of the Kalkrand driving towards Rehoboth, at the Duineveld Crossroads (Blokwater area, precise GPS: -23.94187 17.483065).

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