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Okakambe Trails has received its name from the native languages Herero and Oshivambo where it means "HORSE". Okakambe Trails, is situated on the banks of the dry Swakop River, 12 km outside of Swakopmund, the picturesque sea side resort, and was founded by Kathrin Schaefer Stiege ten years ago. Kathrin, who comes from Germany, fulfilled her dream of having her own horse riding school in Africa and started off with only two horses for horse riding lessons. Today this little horse farm in the middle of the Namib Desert hosts a variety of animals, with the special attraction still being the horses, but with the difference that today there are over 30 well trained and well fed horses on the farm (which include Hanoverians, Throughbreds, Friesians, Arabs and others).

Here they live in large paddocks with surroundings where their natural herd instincts are satisfied. Even though they work hard, they are constantly stimulated by their close contact with each other and also the children who come here for horse-riding lessons. Therefore the horses are good-natured and healthy in body and mind and well behaved.

HOUSE TRAILS: Okakambe Trails wish to bring Namibia and the living desert with all its beauty and space a bit closer to you, as on horse back one can experience some of the deserts wildlife, which will never be seen from a driving car. The desert offers a diversity of terrains, which can vary from dunes to sand and rocky plains to mountains and dry riverbeds. Hosts offer two different types of trails being either on horse back or on foot to choose from. All trails will start relatively early in the mornings, when it is still cool and most of the deserts wildlife is still active, after a healthy breakfast with some coffee or tee. At noon the desert could develop a scorching heat and where possible group will rest in the shade of trees and rock formations for the hottest part of the day, where group will have small lunch. In the evenings riders will be able to enjoy a good meal, which will be prepared on an open fireplace under the starlit sky.
The daily distance covered is approximately 30 to 40 km, depending on the experience of the riders and the weather conditions. The well being of the horses and our guests will always be at our first interest. Camps will be set up with canvas dome tents and paraffin storm lanterns. Dinner will be prepared on an open fireplace and served at tables set with tablecloths and glassware. Riders do not ride with full gear, as many do underestimate the desert sun. Camp materials as well as your bag with your overnight clothing will be transported from camp to camp by the mobile unit of Okakambe Trails.

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SHORT OUTRIDES: At Okakambe Trails hosts also do offer outriders from as short as one hour to three hours, or even day tours in addition to our overnight trails.
The outriders will be small excursions through the dry Swakop riverbed, over through some of the small canyons into the little moon landscape. The rides will take you past the burned mountain "Nuberoffkop", back into the Swakop River valley. The outriders that are on offer are: 1 hour, 1,5 hours, 2 hours and three hours outriders.

Day tours on horse-back: The day tours start at 9h00 in the morning at Okakambe Trails and are horse rides of approximately five to six hours and will take the riders down into the Swakop River valley, through five to six hours and will take the riders down into the Swakop River valley, through the little moon landscape, over to the sand dunes. Here the horses will take our guests along the old history railway track to the colonial horse cemetery, from where the ride will go on towards the beach. Lunch will be served at a set table at the beach.
After lunch the ride will take us along the Swakopriverbed past the greens of the golf course, where riders can see a few Springbuck grazing on the greens. Approximately at 16h00 hours the riders will all be back at Okakambe Trails. With a bit of luck, the horse riders on a day trail will be able to see Springbuck and Jackal and plenty of bird life and certainly splendid scenery.

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1-3 hr - -
Sunset ride - -
Horse riding and hiking trails
Day Tour (6 hrs, lunch included) - -
Two days/one night tour (full board) - -
Three days/two nights tour (full board) - -
Other services
Visitors / school horse
Riding lessons -
Pony rides, per 15 min per child -

Strictly no person over 90 kg, beginners: 80 kg. Extra fee is charged for riders between 90 kg and 100 kg.

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