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Damara Mopane Lodge is built in the wattle and daub style under Mopane trees Damara Mopane Lodge Khorixas, Namibiaand connected by a labyrinth of paths, the main building and chalets of the lodge Damara Mopane Lodge Khorixas, Namibialook like an African village. The walls are adorned by copies of the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein. Each of the 55 double room chalets (with air-conditioning) sits in a vegetable and herb garden surrounded by a low wall. The gardens supply fresh ingredients for supper, which consists of a hot starter followed by a delicious platter. There is a swimming pool for chilling out and a viewing point for relishing sunsets and the star-studded night sky.

The lodge is located at the gates of Damaraland and is ideally suited for excursions to Twyfelfontein (130 km), the Petrified Forest (55 km) and the Vingerklip rock (50 km).

Damara Mopane Lodge Khorixas, Namibia Damara Mopane Lodge Khorixas, Namibia Damara Mopane Lodge Khorixas, Namibia


Work on two new hiking trails has been completed recently.

The Mountain Top Route (4 km) requires some climbing, over a total altitude of 118 metres, to reach a hilltop in the vicinity of the lodge. For the scramble over sharp rocks you can borrow protective gloves from reception. This is a challenging tour and the reward for your mountaineering effort is the gorgeous view of the surrounding Damaraland scenery. The trail is lined by some interesting trees, including the large-leaved Sterculia, the Moringa and Maerula.

By contrast, the Valley Walking Trail is a leisurely 4-km-walk through diverse vegetation such as Mopane forest, grassy plains and thickets of Trumpet Thorn. There are many different birds to observe: Monteiro’s Hornbill, cardinal wood peckers, babblers, robins, Guinea fowl and weavers, to name but a few. Lively little sunbirds are particularly active in spring and summer. Ecologically speaking they are Africa’s counterpart to the Kolibri (hummingbird) in the Americas. Sunbirds are not quite as agile, however, and they cannot hover in midair for quite as long.

On both routes look out for lizards, geckos, chameleons and agamas taking a sunbath. With a little luck a warthog or Damara dik-dik may cross your way. Snakes are also part of the Damaraland fauna. Usually they give way before the hiker has even noticed them. If nevertheless you happen to have a surprise encounter with a snake – keep your distance and slowly retrace your steps.

Both routes are clearly marked. For the environment’s sake you are not allowed to leave the trail or remove any plants. After your hike the large pool of Damara Mopane Lodge beckons for a refreshing dip and a thirst quencher is ready at the bar.

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