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Mesosaurus Camp: when looking out over the harsh and unforgiving landscape, it is hard to imagine oneself standing at the bottom of an ancient lake. True to Namibia, this is a place of contrasts and diversity, with earth's history written clearly in the beautiful rock formations.

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Explore these remnants of forgotten times, while enjoying Namibian hospitality and comfortable accommodation. Experience the wonder of nature through various activities, including hiking trails and sundowner drives among Quiver trees and dolerite valleys, under magical and awe-inspiring night skies.
This interesting part of our beautiful country is situated approximately 40km from the turn off to KoŽs on the C17, coming from Keetmanshoop. The fossil tour is something special and can be highly recommended. The add-on to the farms' own combination of Quiver Tree Forest and "giant's playground" is also worthwhile. This activity is not subject to booking of accommodation and can be booked on it's own.
Mesosaurus Fossil Site The Mesosaurus is probably one of the most convincing examples to prove the drifting of continents. The same genus in the same rock formations is to be found in both southern Africa and South America. In southern Africa the fossils can be found in the Whitehill formations, while in South America they are to be found in the Irats formations.
The Quiver tree - a Living Fossil
One of the biggest attractions to our site are the thousands of Quiver trees, a literal paradise. At the Quiver tree Dolerite Park we do not have 100, 200 or 300 trees but over 5000 specimens, which makes it the densest concentration of Quiver trees in Namibia.
German Schutztruppen graves Of historical significance is the graves of two German Schuttztruppers who died in a battle between Namas and Germans in 1904 at our farm Spitzkoppe-Ost, - namely: Johann Splitgerber- born at Freienwalde Kr Danzig and Bernhard Lofink-born at Zull.
Karakul Farming The Karakul sheep, commonly referred to as the "black diamond of Namibia", is very well adapted to Namibia's arid conditions. They are mainly kept for the production of pelts, and because this farming method is often shrouded with controversy, its rich and colourful history, and its particular economic role in Southern Namibia, is often overlooked.
Travel back in time among forests of ancient Quiver trees and Dolerite rock formations on a two hour conducted visit to the Mesosaurus fossils.

Mesosaurus Fossil Site, Namibia Mesosaurus Fossil Site, Namibia Mesosaurus Fossil Site, Namibia

Further activities include:

On the farm Spitzkoppe-Ost we have camping facilities with well equipped bathrooms and a kitchen. Hosts also offer chalets with en-suite bathrooms for those preferring a sense of comfort. For those desiring even greater solitude, they have created a bush camp in an isolated valley.

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