The campsite at Warmquelle, 11 km further on up the road from Khowarib, has an even more enticing water feature - a year-round natural pool which is large enough to swim in and it's an impossibly pretty spot. Like Khowarib, the village of Warmquelle has little to offer the visitor beyond refreshing patches of green in this dusty environment. Worth a quick look, however, are the remains of a Shutztruppe Fort: there is a stone entrance with tower, stables with stone cribs and the prison with two cells, dating from 1895. Warmquelle is also the place where Bondelswarts leader, Jan Christiaan Abrahams, was shot, which led to their uprising in 1903. This event is re-enacted every year around 25 October. Skirmishes continued until peace was agreed in December 1906; the local cemetery houses numerous interesting gravestones.

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